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Joboshare Video To Audio Converter is a video converter which, as its name suggests, serves to extract the music in this clip, the saving in various popular formats. So, if you were seeking a way to remove this audio on a slideshow, you can do so easily with this application.

In addition, the program also lets you convert video format to another and supports a variety of input formats and output, which causes it to be even more flexible. This is a test version of the app and is limited to converting only 10 minutes of each item. Moreover, he can ignore settings previously applied time.

Extracting Audio

Not unusual you see a video on the internet or get a clip and come to like the music that was played on content. However, not always no way to know, at least at first, who is the author of the song, being a good alternative to store it on your computer until you are sure how to find this track again.

At such times, an application like Joboshare Video To Audio Converter can be a good option to help you save the sound machine. A major advantage of the application is the fact that he adopted with a simple interface, focused on organization and visibility of its functions (which even are in the form of fields and button).

Moreover, it, everything is optimized so that you can start using without any complications. Likewise, the conversion process is fast (varying according to the size of the file). The program performs the conversion in batches and on your preferences you can set a maximum number of activities that must be performed simultaneously.

Saving music or changing the format

To convert a file, the first step is to add it to the program, which is done by clicking the “Add” button present on the application screen, or via the “File” menu, the alternative “Add” interface. Then all you need to do is find it on the computer, remember that several videos can be inserted.

So, you should choose the type of file to be generated in the “Class” field and the format in which it should be stored in the “Profile” field. You can also optionally specify the directory where the new files to be sent. This choice is made by entering the desired path in the “Destination” field or by using the button next to it to locate the directory on the computer.

When everything is the way you want, just click “Encode” to start the process. The progress of the operation can be monitored in real time on the screen. It is usually much faster to extract the audio, but it may take a few moments more for the case of video conversion.


Joboshare Video To Audio Converter can be a great ally for those who just want this audio clip. Likewise, it is also interesting for those cases where you need to change the format of a video to make it work in a particular apparatus, since the application also performs this procedure.

Additionally, he works with various formats for output, allowing for conversion to some of the most widely used. Likewise, as it is compatible with many types for input, hardly one you need will not be available. A major advantage of the application is in its simplicity.

With it, you can do the conversions in no time and hassle, many choices or menus with advanced functions. Therefore, the program is also a good tool for those who do not have much experience with this type of software, with an intuitive interface that shows the functions clearly visible and organized manner.

On the other hand, this can be a negative for those who like to have control over all the possible options for content to be produced through the application of a gender point. The program is also able to perform the batch process, which streamlines the operation for those who want to convert multiple files.

The application makes the extraction of audio moments, but it can take considerable time for the case of a format conversion. Still, because of all its positive points, if you need to extract audio from a movie and do not want to use a complex program, it is worth testing Joboshare Video To Audio Converter.

Download Joboshare Video To Audio Converter

Download Joboshare Video To Audio Converter

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