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The  Grooveshark is an online application for you to listen to your favorite in a practical and simple way songs. Users post and share their music to create a library site.Depois to access the site, just put the artist name, song or album in the search bar. It automatically searches related to bands that was entered.


To add a song to your playlist, just click the plus sign + that it will be included on the bottom bar of the application. Grooveshark can excutar your entire list option in the Play All . If you want to delete a track, click the X and it will be removed from Your bibliotaca.


You need not be registered to listen to the songs. But Grooveshark offers many applications for users with a login. To perform this process, simply fill out a quick registration well with your personal information.

If you have an account on Facebook or Google accounts will be able to access with your user. Just click on the option Login , click on the desired icon and enter user information and password.

Among the extra features is what you hear send to Twitter, Facebook and mail.Você can also bookmark your favorite songs through a heart icon. To access them exists in the same menu design that allows access only the ones you like most.

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Grooveshark has a tool to buy music direct from the iTune and Amazon. You can also create specific playslists with sounds and artists of a particular genre and then save them to your account.

At the top of the menu it ranks in the search sounds, artists, albums, playlists and users. Here you can select the type of category you want to search. In this option, you can access a full album of the artist sought.


The look of Grooveshark was completely redesigned and now has a more modern interface. A playlist with a different design that looks like an iPod, and provides the main functions when passing the mouse over the desired song.

All these visual changes Grooveshark still have one more novelty: the changes are not built in Flash but with HTML5. The interface is fully HTML5, but the actual audio playback Flash plugin is still made.


With excellent interface, objectives and functional buttons, and great stock music, Grooveshark ensures complete enjoyment for users who do not take the phone to your ear. The app is completely free.

It is impossible to go without enjoying good music with Grooveshark in hand. Besides having thousands of audio quality, has the People section that finds the hits of the moment gathered in one place. It’s great to find songs from a specific artist or song in the playlist. You do not lose time with the manual search and still gets upgraded with walking being played worldwide.

Is the section of online radio stations, as well as the free version made for the browser. There, all the songs are categorized by style: alternative, music from the 80s and 90s, jazz, rock, country, blues and many other genres. The coolest thing is that clicking on any of these styles, the playlist is extensive. So, can you hear a lot of music for free, with high quality and long.

Even having downloaded the free version, after completing an extensive list of requests to do the registration, the application still has the “offline”, a paid feature option.

Navigation is super quiet, fast application and remained stable all the time. The installation file is only 1.38 MB, levíssimo. Download Grooveshark is guaranteed to have music while you are online.

Download Grooveshark Free

Download Grooveshark Free

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