Download Winamp 5.666 Full Build 3516


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The Winamp is one of the most popular media players for Windows and Mac . With more than 15 years on the road, has a fan community large enough to create thousands of skins and extensions to customize and enhance the experience of listening to music or watching a video on your computer. The software also has a version for mobile devices running the operating system Android .

Although he has appeared as a music player, it’s been a while since Winamp also happened to play videos. Along with online resources and a deep customization system, Winamp is chosen by more than 30 million users worldwide option.


Winamp is packed with features, but it takes a certain patience to not get lost in the interface somewhat confusing program. To simplify, keep only the principal part, ie, that box appears where the name of the song and get the options to pause, advance to the next song or change the volume.

You can view other tools like your playlist, equalizer or its media library. Use the “View” menu option to set the look you prefer.

Support various video formats and music

Winamp is able to open various sound formats such as mp3, wav or ogg, and videos such as avi, mpeg or avi, among others. But to watch movies or series without any problems, you probably need to download a codec pack.

Create and import playlists

Create your own playlist, gathering songs from a particular singer or creating an own selection for parties, for example. You are who defines.

If you prefer, import and sync your iTunes music library or other devices and services. On Android, it gets even easier with the official app from Winamp, available on Google Play.

Online services and extensions

The utility of Winamp can be expanded with the use of several extensions developed by amateur and professional users. Some have already been included under the name “Online Services”.

They integrate their music services such as MetroLyrics, which automatically finds and displays the lyrics of the song being played, or the SHOUTcast Radio, which tunes hundreds of radio stations from around the world. Other extensions you find in “Winamp ons” menu within the Media Library.


When installing Winamp, you must choose from four skin options that alter the look and interface of the program. Besides these, there are thousands more, created by fans of the program, which are also found in Winamp Add-ons option. Within the Preferences menu, you can further customize your skin.


The most demanding can improve the sound quality with the use of equalizers, which attenuate defects such as wheezing or take the vocalist for those seeking an experience karaoke, among other effects.

Ripping CDs

Take your old music CDs and pass to MP3 format using the recourse of “ripping” of Winamp: it extracts songs from your disk, convert to MP3 and add in your music library.


This feature detects and automatically fills in the specs about a song, such as name singer, song, album, release year and, among other information. To do this, click the right mouse button on the name of the song, then “File Info” and finally the “Auto-tag” button.


Winamp is free, but for U.S. $ 19.95 you get the Pro edition, which adds features such as music CD burning and native support videos without the need to download codecs.


The choice for this application interface closely resembles the program that exists to computers, entitled thereto buttons for the basic functions of a music player. But for first-timers, the buttons may have some difficulty at the time of learning. One is that displays the playlist, which is a set of three horizontal stripes.

To view album art and information about the music being played, the user needs to pull a bar up. This bar is located next to the playback controls and displays data from the ID3 tag of the file that is playing.

The audio controls, these rather with a simple interface to understand right the first time, enable shuffling songs, or that the player indefinitely repeat one song.

The symbol of the program, the little orange beam that is in the lower right corner opens the list of all the songs available on your smartphone or Android tablet. It is a different role than exists for computers, which may confuse some users.

This app is worth the nostalgia and the chance to try UMPlayer different than the functions or user interface.

Download Winamp 5.666 Full Build 3516

Download Winamp 5.666 Full Build 3516

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