Download iOrgSoft AMV Converter For Windows

iOrgSoft AMV Converter is a program that can convert almost all kinds of video to AMV format available.

AMV is a proprietary video file format that can be AMV or MTV extension. Files in this pattern are generally produced for use in MP3/MP4/MTV players manufactured in China. The big problem with these players is that they only play AMV / MTV files. So the question arises: how to convert files to other video formats to AMV, since the format is only compatible with a few devices? Using AMV Converter.

With AMV Converter, you can extract audio from video and save the output file in format of your choice to listen on their devices. In addition, the program installs a powerful codec pack that enables support almost all popular video formats and audio files.

The program can also convert AMV / MTV to other friendly formats. No matter what the size of the player or the resolution it supports screen, AMV Converter makes your favorite videos fit on your player.

iOrgsoft AMV Converter also re-encodes videos in proprietary formats used in other devices such as iPod, Zune, etc.. It even allows you to merge several files into one. With the converter, you can watch the video before conversion and perform some basic editing functions. Thus, it is possible to cut the frames to convert only part of the picture you like (this is useful if you want to get rid of logos on your target file). You can also use the zoom, correct brightness, hue, saturation levels and trim the video to select a specific fragment or length.

Already download and try. The unregistered version of iOrgSoft AMV Converter puts a watermark on every converted video and limits the extraction of audio files to a minute. If you like, then you can buy it.

iOrgSoft AMV Converter

Download iOrgSoft AMV Converter For Windows