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iPiccy Photo Editor is an online image editor that just won an app for Google Chrome. With it, you have direct access to all the tools of this service, which is free and does not require any type of registration to begin work.

All you need to do is send the photo to the web – you can catch it directly from the webcam. If you prefer, indicate any internet image URL pasting it in a specific function iPiccy Photo Editor.

Moreover, the iPiccy Photo Editor presents a local storage function that uses a folder on your PC to save files, ideal for when you will work with various images. This means that it works in an integrated way to your computer, speeding up the process further editing.

You edit …

The iPiccy Photo Editor is, in principle, an image editor. When you send the picture to your site, you can start editing it as a conventional application of the genre. He brings in a ready quick access menu functions, how to fix the photo automatically or else change its dimensions, cut it and everything.

More technical tasks, such as changing color levels, saturation, contrast and exposure, are also present in the same menu. There are dozens of possible changes, all of them organized into several submenus.

At the top of the screen, you see tabs that give access to new functions such as applying filters. Are also dozens of separate effects in large groups, all offering including custom settings.

And draws!

In addition to image effects and tools for editing which even come to be a little advanced, the iPiccy Photo Editor meets another very interesting feature: the illustration. There is a specific menu within the application in which you can access many resources for this. Obviously this is not focused on this type of application creation, so has most basic functions.

Work in layers

The iPiccy Photo Editor has some advanced features like history of actions performed and also support for layers. This means that you can combine images and work on each one individually, ensuring accuracy much any type of editing you perform check.


iPiccy Photo Editor is easy to use, free, lightweight and very efficient. This service stands for all that, after all ensures full resource tool for processing and editing photos without being heavy. He obviously does not want to be a Photoshop, but can serve to break simpler branches.

Its interface is a little confusing at first, because you are always taken to the images sent to the service library screen – if you have a registered account, you can save everything on your profile. But with a few moments of use is now possible to see how the iPiccy Photo Editor works and that all cease to be a problem.

The amount of resources is the main asset of this service. That’s because it ensures a good range of actions, expanding its functionality to various areas of the processing and editing images. Despite the initial screen is confusing, the editing screen iPiccy Photo Editor does not cause any doubt users, especially those accustomed to programs of its kind.

Thus, we can say that the iPiccy Photo Editor is presented as an interesting option for those looking for an editor with a variety of tools and practical, which requires no installation and registration.

iPiccy Photo Editor

Download iPiccy Photo Editor

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