Download Securely File Deletion Tool For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1


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Securely File Deletion Tool is a program whose goal is to help you delete documents from your computer permanently. This way, you can enhance protection of confidential content, preventing them can be retrieved after deleting them by traditional methods available on the computer.

The program is very lightweight and does not consume lots of system resources and can be used on more modest machines without any problems. The application is compatible with several types of files, but it does not perform the task for images.

Extras in the installation

During the installation process, five screens are displayed in sequence, offering additional items to process. At first, you can turn Iminent StartWeb in your browser homepage and default search engine in the browser, and add the toolbar Iminent it. If you do not want to make this change, select the alternative “Custom”, uncheck the options on the screen and click “Decline”.

In the other, are offered Mobogenie, Faster PC Baidu, Baidu Antivirus and VuuPC. In all cases, click “Decline” if you do not install such tools and then the process continues normally.

Removing Files

The way in which the computer wont handle removed files does not cause a document to be effectively erased the hard drive. What happens is the release of his address in HD, making future another program or document will occupy that space. That would not be a problem if it was not possible to retrieve the contents in this condition.

Thus, stretches (or even the entire document) can continue on a HD for an indefinite period of time, opening room for recovery. The Securely File Deletion Tool is a program whose function is to prevent this kind of problem, with permanent removal of a file, writing content on the place that was occupied by the document in question.

Therefore, it can be a good tool for those who have many confidential documents, helping to ensure that they will be recovered by unauthorized persons.

Keeping deleted

The program operates from a single interface and the first step to use it is to add the content you want to delete. To do this, first choose whether you will delete a file or several, selecting the appropriate option on the screen. Then, add the address of the content in the “File name” field, or click “Browse” to search for it on the computer.

So optionally you can select the options available on the screen to complement the function. Alternatives are available to exclude any type of file, delete the folder, terminate running processes, among others. When everything is the way you want, just click “shred it” and wait for the end of the process.

On the screen you can see the results of the procedure, indicating whether there were any problems or if everything was removed correctly. Worth only reinforce that images will not be included in the process and, if any in the folder, it will only be sent to the Windows Recycle Bin.


Securely File Deletion Tool is a good alternative for those who want to sell a used hard disk or often borrow your pendrive. Likewise, it is also ideal for anyone who shares a computer or even to prevent sensitive or confidential documents can be recovered after deletion.

The application interface has no menus or advanced options, focusing entirely on ease of use. So, all you need to complete the procedure is displayed on the screen, making its use is very simple even for those who never had any contact with an application of that style.

However, on the other hand there is no way of knowing which is the method used and not select another alternative. The procedure is quick, taking little time even for files that have a slightly larger size and, as already reported in the description, images are simply sent to the Recycle Bin.

With respect to the few settings present on the screen, one can say with some confidence that the most used should be the one related to the exclusion of all file types. If you have questions about any of the alternatives, it is a rule to keep it cleared. The program lets you perform the process in batches, saving the time required if it were necessary to delete the documents one by one.

Download Securely File Deletion Tool

Download Securely File Deletion Tool

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