Download Clowp For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


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If you like to keep a pattern for wallpaper on every computer you use and want a solution to simultaneously vary the wallpaper from time to time and save images in the cloud, you can use Download Clowp For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 , an ingenious app to configure the appearance of your computer.

With it, you can maintain consistency across multiple PCs at the same time, just create a playlist and put “touch” each computer. Download the client Clowp on all machines, authorize the service to fully use the folder where the images are and then see your wallpaper be updated simultaneously in each of the devices.

All photos are stored on a server, but also need to be stored temporarily on your computer, which requires special administrator privileges (or the release of these permissions to the application folder) to allow automatic recording.

To take advantage of the customized Clowp need to make an account on the service advantages, log on all devices and then configure playlists and galleries from the site. If you do not want to log into the service, you can simply use the ready wallpapers that come along with the application and are available even without login.


The application Clowp an interesting idea of ​​service and allows you to configure multiple machines with the same wallpaper or even with the same custom gallery. The problem is that limitations and problems in its operation a program that seems to have been rushed and that needs to improve a lot to be truly effective end up making it.

One of the first problems noted is that the application is well “curled”. That is, you first need to create image galleries and then then use these photos to create playlists necessary to run their own images in Clowp. Uploading is slow and confusing and the fact that I need to do virtually the same job twice is frustrating.

However, it is even more frustrating create playlists to find that they simply do not work! Even selecting (in a small window that pops up all the time in the corner of the screen) you want to use your own images, it simply does not open the playlist and continues to use different wallpapers, sometimes without sufficient quality and varied themes.

Even authorizing the use of the necessary folders, it just was not able to sync the playlists ordered, always appearing on the website that the pictures were outstanding. If this is an isolated problem, the only annoyance will then have to create galleries and playlists, but if it is something general, then the application does not serve much, since its main function is not valid.

Apart from all these problems, another weak point is that a Clowp update window jumps around the screen time and can not be minimized. This update is not completed and we need to abort the action, which only postpones a few minutes the new appearance of the banner.

Apparently the tests that were done, the application is even a good tool and if you still use Windows XP is a way to get the wallpaper on your computer changed periodically, but he has so many problems that just are not worth having the its use. You can even test to try to overcome the difficulties, but either way it would be more interesting that he just worked on the first try, and without many tricks and fixes.

Download Clowp For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Download Clowp For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

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