Download Win7 Scrollbars For Google Chrome

Win7 scrollbars For Google Chrome is a tool that allows you to bring the traditional scroll bar of Windows to Google Chrome . The browser has received a recent update that changed this element, leaving the bar with the integrated browser, but without arrows for you to click to scroll the page up and down.

So, if you did not like the new standard scroll bar of the Google browser with this extension, you can have this element in the traditional manner offered by the Microsoft operating system.

Back to traditional

Despite the name, the extension works with any version of Windows, including the newest in the package, such as Windows 8.1, which also has a scroll bar similar to what you see in Windows 7.

To use the app, just make the installation and restart your browser or at least open a new window. Thus, the definitions of the extension would already be used. It is therefore necessary to do any configuration.


Win7 Scrollbars is a very simple extension for Google Chrome that lets you use the scroll bars of Windows native instead of customized embedded in the browser updates. With this, you will have the scroll arrows appearing at the window again, just like in any other Windows application.

In our tests, the app worked perfectly without any problem. Scrollbars system were applied smoothly to the browser and scroll arrows also reappeared.

No settings
The highlight of the extension is that it work without any configuration by the user. You do the installation, restart the browser or open a new window and prompt. The settings of Windows scroll in Chrome are visible again.

Thus, if you did not like the news that came with Chrome 32, download and check if this function really miss for you.

Download Win7 Scrollbars For Google Chrome

Download Win7 Scrollbars For Google Chrome