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Amigabit Data Recovery Free is a free and complete file recovery application, offering you five different tools to try to recover some deleted from your hard drive item. Furthermore, it is possible to pause a scan before the weekend and resume it later without prejudice.

All this can be done quickly, because any of the functions of Amigabit Data Recovery Free can be activated with a single click. The application combines advanced options to better filter your searches and also has a search facility for you to find something in the results.

Also noteworthy is that the Amigabit Data Recovery Free is able to try to recover even a disc or a full partition. This means that it can be useful even after a problem has damaged the hard drive and did you lose valuable data.

Try it never hurts

This free version of Amigabit Data Recovery can recover up to 2GB of files and offers five modes for this:

  • Complete Recovery: complete and safer to try to recover lost files under any circumstance so, they have been deleted, formatted or raw data;
  • Shortcut Mode Recovery: recover specific types of files, such as photos, videos, music or documents, no matter how they were lost;
  • Fast Recovery: quick way to try to recover files without this take a long time, but lost in accuracy;
  • Format Recovery: effective to recover lost data after formatting can be applied to a partition or an entire disk;
  • Raw Data Recovery: further method, which scans in all areas of the disk to retrieve any type of file.

Filters and searches

When are you going to do any kind of search on Amigabit Free Data Recovery, you can select the type of file you want to find. This helps reduce the amount of results and, consequently, facilitates the act of finding something more precisely.

The search can also serve the same end, as it is made only between the result and help you search even more specific way. The Amigabit Data Recovery Free is able to find even email or proprietary file formats, depends only on the parameters you define for a scan.

Continue after

Another feature of Amigabit Data Recovery Free is the possibility of saving a scan to continue it later. This function is ideal for when the search will take a long time to complete, but can not wait until the end. Save to a file and then follow where you left off.


Amigabit Data Recovery Free is a simple app to use, while offering advanced features for recovering files. He is not in Portuguese, which can be an obstacle, but it works well and has a clean, uncluttered interface, helping anyone to be lost in your window.

The duties collected here are of great value as it offers various options for those who need to recover a file or even an entire partition that was lost. Everything works almost automatically, and another positive point, you can define a series of filters, another valuable resource that gives more efficiency to Amigabit Data Recovery Free.

One downside is the limitation of the free version, which retrieves only up to 2GB of files. When you reach this volume of data, you need to purchase the full license of the program or else seek an alternative such as Undelete Plus ,  Recuva or PC Inspector File Recovery .

But in fact, while the Amigabit Data Recovery Free is running at full steam, you will not think of another program to try to recover deleted data from your machine.

Download Amigabit Data Recovery Free

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