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The Kobo is one of the most popular and renowned in the world eReaders, being officially distributed in Brazil by Culture Bookstore. To achieve a wider audience, the manufacturer of the gadget also started developing reading applications for different platforms.

After launching the Kobo Desktop to the various editions of Windows, and Kobo for Android , it is the turn of Windows 8 win a specially designed its new interface, Kobo Books version.

One of the big attractions of this program is the greatness of his literary estate. As informed by the company responsible for it, are more than 3.5 million titles between free and paid works – many of which offer affordable samples without paying anything.

This means that you have on your computer screen a stock with most of the latest releases, the most respected bestseller, a lot of award-winning books, classical texts and even unknown gems.


To enjoy the eBooks offered by Kobo Books, you need to have an account on the online service responsible for providing the content. This registration can be done directly from the app to Windows 8, or by clicking here . The form is quite simple and can be completed in less than a minute.

Virtual Bookshelf

One of the main features of the Kobo Books is its library, which basically keeps a history of his literary activities. In this section, you can view all of the titles that have already had contact, which of them are currently reading the books you want to read and read the works already.

To fill your virtual bookshelf, you should go to the store. Here is where you can browse the collection of Kobo Books and find your next read. If you already know what you like, you can use the search bar to find content by title, author, genre, and more.

If you want to explore this repository, you can start the suggestions offered by the program or browse the categories available. When accessing a specific eBook, the application displays the title, the author, synopsis and price, as well as some technical information as publisher, and ISBN supported languages.

In addition, the page of a work it shows the availability of the devices supported by Kobo and books according to title or genre accessed with the purchase history of other people.

Adapting their reading

To make you feel more comfortable while reading a book, Kobo Books offers through its digital reader a series of settings. Among them you can find mechanisms to add bookmarks, set the Start Screen eBook on Windows 8, “close” the book (the same mark it as read) and access the content of the work.

More than that, the app allows you to check all markers of open work, set the screen orientation – something functional on tablets – choose the text alignment, determine the size and style of font and select the theme read more suitable for a particular time of day (classical, night and sepia).


Like other virtual versions of Kobo, the Kobo Books app is a great quality for reading digital books. It offers a number of resources and tools that facilitate and make use of much more practical and pleasant literary works.

Visual cool

Once you open the program you will come across a very beautiful interface, bringing a modern, cool design and follows the traces of the new interface of Windows 8. But it’s not just her beauty that draws attention. The organization structure is also noteworthy.

That’s because this feature ensures that you explore both your library for book store without complications. Added to this, the complete translation of the Portuguese program to ensure an interaction that can be easily assimilated by anyone.

Book for all tastes

However, what really draws attention to the Kobo Books is the size of the collection offered: are millions of titles from many different genres, languages ​​and prices for you to buy or simply download to read – the number of free eBooks is considerable.

Moreover, consumption of computer resources by this software was relatively low. During our analysis, the increase in demand from both the CPU and the RAM was almost negligible. In other words, Kobo Books not need a supermachine to run.

An important detail

The amount of tools available for application is nifty, including mechanisms to configure the font, screen orientation, adding markers, the screen read, among many others. However, we feel this lack of physical function in eReader: to select a word and be able to search its meaning or translate it.

Download Kobo For Android

Download Kobo For Android

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