The Lie Detector is an app for iOS that allows you to analyze if a friend or acquaintance boyfriend is lying to you. If by chance the respondent der dubious answers, he will guide how to take your questions. Enjoy to download lie detector to see if someone is lying to you.

The application prompts the user to be aware of the bodily gestures and facial expressions of your “victim”. Then it asks to change the subject and make your reactions. So he captures a response, presents the analysis and you can also share it on Facebook .

The app gives not sure of anything. For a complete analysis is needed to assess behavioral and emotional factors with the result.

The program interface is quite simple and there is no need for further configuration. Its design brings elements reminiscent of the old polygraph lie detection. Download the Lie Detector and see who lies to you!


You can have great fun with the Lie Detector. But to do so, he must not take it seriously and start judging people by the outcome of the application. Especially because your goal is not to provide the truth and, yes, entertain you.

The program is, in fact, based on actual practices of police investigation, which gives a mysterious air to the game. Use to make fun of your friends or your boyfriend (a). Will discovers that a secret.

Its interface practical and well made makes a person feel a legitimate detective. However, English only, which may make a little understanding of those who do not speak the language.

Finally, for more fun it is, the Lie Detector is one of those applications that you use “non-stop” at the beginning, but after a while, just leaving aside. However, it is worth downloading and trying.