Download WinZip For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

WinZip is the most popular file compression program in the world. With it you can save disk space by placing multiple files into a single package and decreasing their size.

WinZip also provides advanced image compression. Just a single click to compress your digital photographs and graphic images by 20 – 25% without loss of integrity, or quality data.

The program is also a great option as a backup utility, it allows significantly reduce the size of backups and put the copied files into a single file, thus reducing the time it’s time to save them.

Major file formats

With WinZip you can create Zip files instantly. Additionally, you can open all major compressed file formats, preview an archive without having to unpack and create self-extracting Zip files to send to people who do not have Winzip installed.

Compress Files is the best way to share information organized, easily, and of course, do your work faster. With compression, you organize thousands of files into smaller manageable packages, saves storage space and makes large files fit on portable media.

Compressing files you can also improve the upload or download, and thus reduce the use of bandwidth of your connection. For example, by sending email attachments smaller, your message quicker and have fewer problems in sending or receiving servers.

Proven experience

The program has over 20 years experience in the art of compressing and decompressing files. For this reason, it is able to choose for you what the best compression method to be used. All its features make it an excellent tool Winzip to compress files. Download and try.


A champion downloads for over a decade, WinZip is part of kits beginners since it was invented. This made for a long time WinZip, ZIP sinômimo were the most common compression format on Windows platforms.

Among the advantages of the program are rich integration with the operating system. The right mouse button quickly leads to menus that allow the creation of compressed files including many items.

In the current version, the menu was very similar to the distribution functions of Microsoft Office 2010. There comes a matter of taste, because many people today could not get used to the larger and longer buttons.

The important thing is that the program has overcome one of his biggest weaknesses, the need to install a number of external programs to expand the capabilities of compression and decompression. In the current version there is native support for multiple formats than ZIP, RAR including the, now classic Internet.

But in the never ending quest to provide the ultimate and beat the competition, WinZip end up losing some. With too many features to a program whose primary function would be to open and compress files, the performance ends up being harmed. Not to mention that you can get lost in some useful functions such as sending to an FTP or burn to a CD. After all, Windows itself has records CDs natively, is not it?

Download WinZip

Download WinZip