Download Wi-Fi Finder For iPhone

Due to the various points of free Wi-Fi that exist in the city, smartphone users can access the Internet anytime, anywhere. Thus, it is possible to access any site without having to pay for the connection.

However, it is difficult to find these points without being connected to the Internet. To resolve this problem, we developed the Wi-Fi Finder . It is an application for iPod, iPhone and iPad that creates a map containing all points of existing Wi-Fi around you.

After downloading and installing the program, it takes the user to connect to download a database. Through these data it will be possible to find the Wi-Fi points nearest to your location.

How to use Wi-Fi Finder

To use the search tool is quite simple, provide some information, such as country, state and city you wish to search for available networks. That done, the results can be viewed on a map or in a list, which indicates the location that provides that. You can also provide more specific information, such as zip code or neighborhood to make your search more efficient.

All updates can be configured to be automatically made. Thus, every time you connect, download the updates will be done without you having to worry about this task.

In addition, he provides a list of those that have been recently accessed by you as well as your favorite spots.


Download Wi-Fi Finder For iPhone