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The Duplicate Cleaner is a Windows application that scans the computer for documents, music, movies, photos and other files that have been duplicated for some reason. The main function of the program is to help save hard disk space.

The scanner music software can even detect songs that exist in various formats such as MP3 and WMA. In such cases, the application will tell you what songs are on different digital music formats, and then the user will be able to erase that save at the least convenient format range.

The search is not limited to a computer. Anyone using a computer network, whether at home or at work, notice that the Duplicate Cleaner announces duplication also network drives have been mounted on the computer that runs the application.

Another distinguishing feature of the application is the fact that it can detect even dento of folded items. Zip files. His intelligent search warrants also find repeated images, even if they have been edited, mirrored or reduced.

Since nobody wants to risk deleting important files that have been duplicated, the software offers protection and system files Windows. Thus prevents these items are deleted and later the OS stop working.

Download Duplicate Cleaner now and free up space on your HD!


Duplicate Cleaner is a highly recommended for those users who are in need to free up space on your PC’s hard disk, application and are not finding alternatives. With this tool, you can use a real range of filters and search criteria to find duplicate files hidden.

When facing the application interface for the first time, the user can get a little confusing with the amount of features, items and information provided. In this case, a wizard or setup tutorial, which introduce the use of the tool would be very welcome. However, in this regard, the software has two major advantages: organization. All filters, search criteria, the search results and other resources are organized by tabs and distinct regions. Over time, the user will get used to the layout of the visual components and learn to use the full potential offered by Duplicate Cleaner.

The range of features is another important advantage of the application. You may have several types of options to perform a search for duplicate files. The tool provides filters that have specific criteria for audio files or image. There are also filters that facilitate the search for items with the same or similar name, creation date or modification of same, among other possibilities.

The application is not limited to conduct searches on the local PC hard drive. If you rely on other network drives mounted on your system, you can also run a scan on other disks (network). Through the “Local” tab, you can choose a very simple way, which folders or drives will be subject to search carried out by the tool. Offering greater security to the operating system, the tool also allows the system files are ignored by its search engine.

Although Duplicate Cleaner application can be further improved with respect to issues of usability and usage instructions, it presented great features and options to search for files. It is also important to note that the tool has proved very efficient, being able to find duplicates even inside archives.

Download Duplicate Cleaner

Download Duplicate Cleaner

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