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Ainvo Memory Cleaner is a program for Windows , which aims to clear the RAM memory of your personal computer. Its purpose is to provide greater speed to the PC during the processes required by the user. It has a simple to use interface, even though in English,

The software employs only the ‘Clear Memory’ command. By clicking on it, the application will present their unique usage screen, where you will observe the evolution of vasculhamento and cleaning RAM obsolete. The delay of this process can vary from a few seconds or minutes (depends on how much RAM you have on your PC stagnant). Finally, it will be reallocated for use, with the option to check a record of data and processes generated by Ainvo Memory Cleanerer.

Installing Ainvo Memory Cleaner is simple and attempts to put the PC toolbars, advertisements or changes in the search engines; something increasingly routine and unwanted.

Ainvo Memory Cleaner has a free version for use and other pay, with which you can perform a scan and more thorough cleaning. If you ponders that your PC is in low yield due to saturation of RAM, or simply like to keep your machine always on time and well maintained, try this program now.


The Ainvo Memory Cleaner program comes creeping due to its simplicity, can give the impression of having downloaded a demo version or incomplete. His only guide the screens that the user should do – click on the application’s command – leaving him only observe the progress of verification and cleaning, until the action is finished.

In our PC, Ainvo Memory Cleaner accomplished all this quickly and effectively. We see a good improvement in the performance of the machine, endorsing the quality and mode of operation of the program. If you wish to check what was going on with your PC, the program creates a log of processes, useful for those who know the code or read what was happening on your PC.

For those who are not familiar with programs for maintenance of PCs often saturates the RAM and do not know how to circumvent this problem, the Ainvo Memory Cleaner is a solution more than ideal. Extremely inexperienced users can benefit from cleaning performed by the software, without having to ask for support to third parties. How optimized RAM is a welcome addition to PCs with extensive and perform a number of processes (which, in large part, will not be finalized), this improvement is use an app to consider.

There is a paid for Ainvo Memory Cleaner version, but could not find necessary to disburse the amount requested to receive the (apparent) extra small improvements Ainvo Memory Cleaner. An interesting addition would be a scheduler checks, leaving this scheduled and run automatically, check or “shooting” program every slow progress. As no such resources, do not forget to run the Ainvo Memory Cleaner every time your PC gives evidence of slowness.
Download Ainvo Memory Cleaner

Download Ainvo Memory Cleaner

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