Download Clean Master For Android

Clean Master is a free application for Android which will make the cleaning cache, unusable files, web history, and other items that may compromise the system from your smartphone causadando slowdowns and crashes.

With a clean interface, the app displays four icons on the main screen. The first, “Cache”, performs a scan on your device to erase all data stored in all applications. Just click “Clean” to clean up.

In “Unused Files”, the application displays the files unusable. Also, clicking on “Clean”, you get rid of them all. To erase privacy data applications containing logins and passwords, for example, Gmail and Google Maps .

In “Privacy”, you will find the history of visited pages. If you do not want to let others know what you searched for your smartphone, this app helps.

Finally, in “App Packages” can delete the packages that some apps store on your memory card. The operation of the Clean Master is very useful and quite optimizes the performance of your Android. Available for version 1.6 or higher, download the app is very fast and it does not occupy much space on your device.


Clean Master is an excellent application for users who wish to leave the Android device even faster. The app makes cleaning caches, historical web pages visited, among others.

Another advantage in this platform is organized layout with tools arranged in four icons on the main screen, which helps the user to locate and find what you need.

It is also worth noting that the application ensures the privacy and security of applications and pages visited on the Internet, since it erases the data that is considered private, such as logins and passwords. Thus, malicious people will not have access to the content seen by you.

However, the program is weak because it has no version for iOS and Windows Phone and will not be available in Portuguese. Despite this, download the Clean Master and improve the performance of your appliance by cleaning cache, web history, among others.
Download Clean Master For Android

Download Clean Master For Android