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Lightworks is a supereditor video for professional work. The advantage is that the software, full of advanced options for experts, it’s completely free and easy to install. It is available for Windows and Linux .

The program is capable of putting together a project from the beginning. The user chooses a video file on which to work, and can wiggle the image. Among the most common options (albeit with different names) are cuts, color change, transition effects and the option that the program calls shades.

Once the program is installed, the first task to be done by the user is to choose the video format. The options are related to the aspect ratio (4: 3 or 16: 9). Then, the video quality must also be determined, as well as audio.

With imported (the “Import” button) to the software interface, video, the possibilities are practically endless. The Lightworks has eight categories but before you know it, it is good to remember that the program works with popular formats like AVI, MOV and other less common extensions such as RED, R3D and DPX, and some others. MP4 and 3GP (mobiles) are not included in this list, but nothing prevents you to use a converter.


The program does not have the “Cut” (cut) button that is common for editing. A similar function is “In” and “Out”, which are devoted to the beginning and end of a video, which ends thus cutting the rest of the video. There are still editing functions “Delete”, “Remove” and “Insert and even” Unjoin “and” Join “, serving to join or separate videos.


The option is on the “Effects” tab. To apply any, just click “Add”. Other seven categories are able to make changes in color videos, transitions, text insertion.

The program is free but you need to make a registration on the program website. After registration, the user receives a download link and you can now install the software.

The program has a free version for Windows and Linux system. Download links Lightworks, and start editing your videos!


The Lightworks is one of the free options for more powerful video editing market. It has been used by major movie studios and at the same time, serves as a glove for those just starting to mess with editing. With a little effort, to give complete and professional projects.

This is one of the advantages of the program. It is complete, professional and can leave the user at ease with the main options of the program, but it is certain that it will only be after a period of adaptation, since the software does not look or with Final Cut or any other category top – which can leave desambientado user.

You will find full effects, options at hand to do the best editions (such as cutting and simple transitions), and even advanced features like adding colors and audio in style.

The weak point of the program is popular with the lack of options for file extensions. The restriction can hinder rather those who work, for example, with the most commonly used format for video, MP4 that is not recognized by Lightworks.

There is also the hassle of having to set up the entire program before starting to use. Perhaps this is part of software design in wanting to give the user a well bound and ready to work from the first click editing system.

Download Lightworks

Download Lightworks

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