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AVS Video Editor is an application to edit videos for Windows , extremely easy to use, with a number of features. still Counting tools for capturing images from a camera connected to the computer or the desktop itself, this program allows users to include in your video projects various effects models transition between scenes and varied types of subtitles, can also use a great audio editor to build musical backgrounds.

Very functional, lightweight and goal, the software does not require great technical knowledge and has a nice, simple interface.

How To Use AVS Video Editor:

With an easy installation procedure and intuitive, AVS Video Editor offers an extremely practical presentation and excellent information boards for each resource that is first selected. program has divided the interface into three parts: one with options capturing and importing media and editing controls, one where you can see how his creation and is getting a final where there is a practical framework that displays each design change in a timeline or a storyboard. ‘s AVS Video Editor allows you to import audios, videos and images in various format types to be included in their designs and can save them in a proper format of the program or in the “Produce …” button to create files in AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, etc.. to be stored and displayed on the computer. Additionally, the app also lets you record the project directly to DVD, Blu-Ray or DivX / Xvid (to run from CD or DVD players), or in different qualities MP4 (executables on Sony PSP and Apple devices) and web formats such as Flash, RM, RMV and WEBM.

Simple and varied editions:

All the editing tools of AVS Video Editor are located in the following buttons below the screen division left, the first being a control access to projects already created and following an option to display all the media files imported into the selected project . then there are hundreds of editing options and effects to insert the videos, options for transition between scenes and formats of text entries, all with examples being shown on the small display screen of the interface. ‘s AVS Video Editor besides being a great video editor and count with many options to mix and modify your tracks, has a very handy feature in “Voice” that lets you trigger recording from the microphone when editing videos. And how the program can record your productions now on DVDs and Blu-Rays, you can add in your projects interactive menus in “Disc Menu”, inserting animated entries, different types of introductions to the chapters and even photo slideshow.


Showing a split screen interface in a very practical way, the AVS Video Editor is a handy and easy to manipulate video editor, which can provide an enjoyable and intuitive presentation.

Featuring excellent informative for all commands fired first frames, the application has simple controls with a great window to view the status of projects and illustrate the effects that can be applied.

In addition, AVS Video Editor allows you to import your media projects audio, images and videos of various formats and in virtually unlimited quantities, without affecting performance. But it does not offer advantageous option now import files from YouTube that other editors have.

The program also offers several tools to edit video and sound files that are included in the projects, allowed the results to be recorded on DVDs and Blu-Rays or so in numerous video formats.

However, the free trial version has some limitations, such effects can not exert its full potential or restrictions in creating the files produced by the projects.

AVS Video Editor

Download AVS Video Editor

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