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The Deezer is a free app for Android and iOS that lets you discover and listen to music and interactive way through a streaming service. Enjoy your music and favorite radio stations and share what you like with your friends. Listen to any music anywhere, anytime.

The application allows its users to enjoy limitlessly its more than 30 thematic radios and listen to several others, formed by songs from your favorite artists. You can search for a song and include it quickly in a playlist, and sync MP3 files from your computer and playlists created in iTunes.

Synchronize your accounts from Facebook and Google+ to Deezer to share their activities with their friends. Automatically post the songs you are listening, your loved tracks and comments on social networks. The user needs only to link these social networking application. There is also the possibility to “follow” the musical activity of your friends. So the app posibilita interaction among users based on the songs you listen to.

Deezer selection tab, listen to music from artists featured on the platform and synchronize them to hear them when you want. In releases, hear new music from artists all over the world and share with your friends. The application separates the artists by genres like Brazilian music, pop, rock and indie / alternative.

The Deezer allows download tracks and listen to them remotely without the need to be with your smartphone connected to the internet. To configure this option, just click on “Downloads” and then “Finish”. The app will download the album or playlist and put it into play.

Like Netflix, Deezer charges a monthly fee after the free trial period. To access the full songs and enjoy the catalog of the application, the user needs to pay R $ 14.90.


The Deezer is a streaming music service for smartphones and tablets that contains many interesting features. One of the cool things is that users can build your collection of albums and create your own collection. In addition, you can organize playlists with your favorite songs to listen to on your smartphone or tablet, or even a desktop.

The service interface is simple, beautiful and fast. The application works fine without crashes or errors, navigation is very practical. The home is separated by Deezer subjects divided into large icons that take you to categories such as new releases, playlists and radio stations. The settings are easy to perform and does not require the user to scroll through various ways to make a simple change.

The application has several web-radios separated by gender, ideal for those who like to discover new artists and music styles. However, some lesser known artists and bands albums have few or even no albums available on Deezer.

In offline mode is possible to have Deezer as a music player for your smartphone or tablet, playing their music and playlists without the need to be connected to internet. The app even shows your storage space and how much is being used by him.

Download Deezer For Android, iOS

Download Deezer For Android

Download Deezer For iOS

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