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The BS.Player is a free multimedia player that stands out by playing all kinds of video and audio files in both Windows , as on Android . The program does not use much processing resources of your computer for playback of multimedia files, which makes it particularly suitable to run on computers with less processing power.

With the player you assisite videos with subtitles in the most popular formats, such as (MicroDVD. Sub, VobSub. + Sub. Idx, SubViewer. Sub, (Advanced) SubStation Alpha. Ssa or. Ass, SubRip. Srt, VPlayer. Txt …).

Automatic captions

BS.Player can automatically search and download missing subtitles for currently playing video, if they are available.

BS.Player is also a AVCHD player (Advanced Video Codec High Definition), ie, Advanced Encoder High Definition Video, which lets you watch videos in AVCHD format, which is a format commonly used in video cameras digital.

YouTube Support

One of the main features of BS.Player is its support videos from Youtube . It plays videos directly from the internet site and also allows to save them to your hard drive as an flv file to watch later.

The player also supports embedded subtitles and chapters, playlists, drag-and-drop and lets you capture a frame (frame) of the video to save it as a JPEG image.

Without unzipping. Rar

BS.Player can play any multimedia file – even if it is archived in multiple volumes as rar.

Files in this format will not be unpacked more accurately, simply click on the first rar file document type (usually nomedoarquivo.rar or nomedoarquivo.001) and select ‘Open with BS.Player’ option and let BS.Player do the rest.

Besides a good performance and a modern look, the BS.Player lets you choose the look of it. With support for skins (or skins) you can leave it the way you want with the skins that come in the program or using custom skins.

Those with a player, play multimedia files is much simpler, so download BS.Player and have fun without worrying about details such as codecs and file types.

Android version

The BS.Player has a paid version for free and other mobile devices bearing the Android operating system. It supports almost all video and audio files such as avi, divx, flv, mkv, mov, mpg, mts, mp4, m4v, rmvb, wmv, 3gp, mp3, ac3.

Just as the Windows edition, he also finds subtitles automatically. Among the many resources available, it is worth noting playback files from shared computers via WiFi media folders, precluding the need to convert and copy the contents to the SD card of the device. Download the BSPlayer and play various types of media on your computer and Android devices!


BS.Player can be considered, without any doubt, one of the best media players in the market. Compatible with different versions of Windows and now available on the web for some time, he has as trumps support for many file formats, easy to insert subtitles and menus simple and direct.

But in addition, the program also has other very interesting features. Easy addition of subtitles, for example, is a key feature for those people who like to see shows and movies on your computer. Who is accustomed, you know how it can be difficult to find a player who not only has support for subtitles as well as embed the videos in an easy way.

The practicality, incidentally, seems to be a clear objective of BS.Player. Your visual, that gets to be a bit “late”, proves it. The menus are as simple as possible, with minimal options. There is just enough. Another very interesting feature is its ability to identify the media files from your computer and create a library.

But there are also problems with the player. As previously mentioned, your layout is weak. In addition, he has few options “help” and some “bugs” curious as the fact videos are not initially played on a standard format and / or the original size, but what “the program sees fit.” The installation of a taskbar and its automatic to be the default player computer configuration also do not like.

Download BSPlayer For Windows, Android

Download BSPlayer For Windows

Download BSPlayer For Android

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