Download Max Recorder For Pc ( Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / Vista )


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That you like to watch YouTube videos, ever thought that would be cool if you could, at the same time could also save the audios of the favorite clips to be able to listen on any player (on your computer or outside) and even transfer automatically to your iPhone, iPod or iPad?

That’s the goal of the Max Recorder . It is an application that allows you to save the audio from your favorite YouTube videos directly to your computer, choosing between MP3 and compatible with your iOS device format. All this while the clip rolls on your screen. You’ll be having fun and doing the recording at the same time.

How To Use Max Recorder

This is a very easy system to use, anyone can operate it without any difficulty. After opening the program, the first thing you need to do is click on “YouTube Wizard”. Open a window in which you will enter the name of the artist and the tool will return several songs found on YouTube.

Select one or more tracks, and click Start. Okay, that’s all. While you watch the clip (which runs on a player below the list of songs), the program has records audio for you. If you want only a portion of the song, just finished writing by clicking the “ON” button in red.

You can change the audio format, choosing between MP3 or iTunes (which sends the music to your iOS device so that you synchronize the device with the manager). You can also change the title, artist name, the album includes her part, gender, and any other comments about the music.

Super audio quality

If Max Recorder not find their music on YouTube, he seeks to players and music services like Spotify, Pandora, and others. He uses ExploreMatch, a search engine that has a database with over 250 000 registered major artists. You is not without its audio.

And the system always looks for those more accessible. Furthermore, by making the recording, the program equalizes the volume of each group to the same level of reproduction. That way, you will always get an audio with the highest quality for listening on your computer or on your devices. All this without the slightest difficulty.

Max Recorder Review

If you like to get the audio from your favorite videos with you always, to be able to hear them when clips can not be displayed, the Max Recorder can be the perfect tool for you. Easy to use, uncomplicated and very effective, it really delivers what it promises, without leave to be desired.

You do not need to get the link of the video on YouTube. In one place, you search the clip by typing the name of the artist, viewing everything through an attached player and at the same time carries audio recording, all with the highest quality. Songs are saved in a folder within “Music” on your computer and can change if you want.

Unfortunately, the trial version, it is possible to save quite a few tracks, only five of them. To save unlimited and in much higher quality songs you need to purchase the full version of the system.

Simple and straightforward, all the features you need to perform the services are easily found on the main screen, and a few lines explaining how to use, especially for people accessing the first time. Small and discreet so you only worry about what is needed.

Also on the main screen all the videos you have viewed / recorded and the duration of each are presented. If you do not want to go to the place where it is saved, just click the “Play” button in the embedded player and the music starts quickly, allowing jump to the next, back to the previous and change the volume.

Download Max Recorder For Pc ( Windows 7 , 8 , 8.1 , Vista )

Download Max Recorder For Pc ( Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / Vista )

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