Download Phototheca For Windows XP, Vista, 7


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Phototeca is an organizer and photo viewer for you to manage all such files in your computer. Keep your entire collection of hand presentable shape with the help of this program.

Organize photos into albums, mark them with tags and delete duplicate with just a few clicks. The software also displays detailed information of images, such as title, date, length and size.

Moving to Phototeca

The program, to start, does not map the computer images. You need to drag them into the software or import entire folders. If the collection contains many subfolders, the Phototeca automatically recognizes each of them and separates them properly.

Despite offering a way to explore the photos, the software does not create copies of the items transferred to its interface. Actions performed on the images will not reflect on the original file.


The software allows you to view all items in a few different ways. In the form of “Events”, the program meets those files that were put together because of a time defined by the user. It’s basically the same as we do with folders that have entitled according to what happened in the photographs.

The “Photos” view simply displays all the separate items in their folders. The “Calendar” and “Timeline” options are based on the date of files and can be used to identify the occurrence chronologically photos.

The display mode “Protected” allows you to create “safe” in which we can store password protected images. However, this does not prevent access of items via a file explorer.

The “Duplicates” option shows all duplicate photos and your location, also giving the option to delete them. All deleted files are moved to trash the program and are not permanently erased from your computer.

Tags and slideshow

The Phototeca also allows you to assign tags to multiple files at once, which are used in searches within the program. The software also allows you to display presentations with possibility to change the interval between the items and change the orientation of the photos.


The Phototeca is a good program to organize and view your photos. With plenty of viewing, the software is good for those who have a crowded picture folder and would like to see them in a more presentable form.

Not actually organizes

Despite the proposal, the program does not actually organizes your photos once does not act directly on the files. Every organization that you create in the program will be displayed in his only interface, which does not solve the problem of the mess the right way.

If you dizzy or do not want to use the program, you will be faced with the confusion of your files just as you had left before you start using Phototeca.

Many views

Although not act directly on the files, if you keep a minimum of organization in your items, display options offered by the software are really quite good. Highlighting those which organize images chronologically, ideal for identifying when the photos were recorded.

The program also lets you check the latest imports, recent views and deleted items. The file protection works well, but is meaningless since the files can be accessed directly from Windows Explorer using another viewer.

Deleting duplicate files is the highlight of Phototeca. But, again, the software does not do enough to allow the changes reflect in the original file, making this feature serves only to those who will always use the program to view your images.

Download Phototheca For Windows XP, Vista, 7

Download Phototheca For Windows XP, Vista, 7

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