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Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control is a small application that promises to provide remote control your computer through your mobile phone handset. Obviously this can be done by newer cell phones and supports Bluetooth.

As it appears, with this program you can control your slide shows (eliminating the need to press the key to move each slide when you do not have a remote control device projector images) and also move the mouse cursor normally.

Control a computer via Bluetooth

Besides the functions mentioned above, with the Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control you can control any application of a machine, such as Windows Media Player or Winamp. Is it possible to execute files in Windows Explorer, start your web browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) or run commands, perform searches, etc..

The program works in two parts, the client and the server (both developed in Java). One works on PC and one on the phone, and through the sync of both you can control your computer. To do so will require both your computer and your cell phone have Bluetooth technology.

And on mobile

On your phone will need to enable Bluetooth so that it starts searching for active devices. He must find the Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control and from then you just need to select which functions you want to operate from the mobile phone: mouse, keyboard, applications or utilities.

Are using these functions you perform any other and effectively control your computer. Select the applications to be used and everything, and do it directly from your phone without touching your mouse or keyboard.

Download Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control

Download Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control

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