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Remote Desktop Google Chrome is designed to complement the program from Google that allows you to access other computers from the browser itself.

Mess with remote access seems one thing from another world, which requires intermediate knowledge of computers and a number of settings.

In some cases, this is exactly what happens. In others, however, simply an extension to move on two computers at the same time.

This is possible thanks to the Remote Desktop Google Chrome. The extension comes as a real watershed, greatly facilitating the process. With it, you can perform any function on another machine, even if you are miles away.

No complications
The first task in time to start using the supplement is to install it on both machines. That is, both the computer you are using as the one you want to access must have already added the extension to Google Chrome. Furthermore, the access permissions requested by the program must also be granted.

That done, realize that setting to start controlling your PC remotely is extremely simple. The steps are very similar and everything is in Portuguese, which greatly facilitates the process.

In the main menu, the Remote Desktop Google Chrome has two different sections: “Remote Assistance” and “My Computer.” At first, you can control any machine quickly. Simply that the computer to be accessed one click “Share”.

Then, the addition generates a passcode. He is the one who allows the other PC can communicate with that system. Thus, in another computer, you must press the button “Access” and enter this passkey.

My computers
The other section of the Remote Desktop Google Chrome works as a true extension of use of their computers. That’s because it lets you control other machines at the same time, one in office and one in your home.

This feature has more security tools. Here, you also must have installed the add-on other PCs and also need that your Google account is also logged. Finally, the software asks you to create a PIN to control access to the machines.
Remote desktop Google Chrome

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