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The NetTraffic is a simple to use program that runs in the background and monitors all the network connection of your computer.  Which means that for those who have a restricted data plan 3g connection for the laptop or notebook, you are able to perform a fine charge of all incoming and outgoing data on your computer.

Installation is simple and NetTraffic displays an icon in the System Tray ( systray ) to facilitate access of the person all the information available.

Clicking once on the icon of the systray , are shown in real time data transmissions from your computer, consisting download speeds and upload a chart for easy viewing of the recent history of connectivity of your machine. You can click the corners of the graph window and resize the display to a size that will be best for you.

Current statistics, averages and prognosis of Use
One of the most interesting is the NetTraffic monitoring data due time. Clicking the icon in the system tray and selecting “Statistics”, you find a real-time monitor that updates the data average bandwidth consumption per hour, day, month and year. Yes, you can monitor your total consumption in the last year of use of the program.

The data provide particulars about the quantity of data sent and received, use time, average speed of sending and receiving, and make a prediction based on data current as will be consumed in certain time intervals.

Figure transfer stored
All data are stored by your connection NetTraffic, and you can see the history of the transfer by clicking the icon in the system tray, selecting the “Statistics” tab and clicking on the “Charts / Tables”.

Within this option, you can select the start date and end of the measurements for the conference, and displays a graph that can be approximated by the level of consumption per time period.

Keep your information on file
All NetTraffic data can be exported to XML files and imported back into the software, so you can store and check out selected information even have to reinstall the program, after the change of your computer.

This tool also allows the addition of information from multiple computers on the same network, so you can make a general monitoring of the internet connection in your office or residence.

Am I getting what I’m paying?
Perhaps you have had the sense that whenever a particular day’s the month your online is changed with a lower speed? This practice, known as traffic shaping, is common in some carriers and can end your connection speed.

With NetTraffic, you will find the energy to watch the transmission speed of the internet for several weeks and may make use of this data to higher choose your online plan and, if relevant, even exchange operator.

NetTraffic not limited to only accomplish what promises he makes his task with great quality. From the beginning you can see the care of the application on its interface, which is very clean and organized, making it very easy to read the data presented therein. The way he uses colors to highlight each type of information can only help in this direction, while giving a bit of “life” to the windows.

The program also highlights the accuracy of the data presented. Besides being a lightweight application, all software graphics are updated every second, allowing you to have the right information at any time. And since your window is superimposed on other programs, you can leave the app there, running while you do other tasks – but always knowing when something different happens on your connection.

NetTraffic Download

NetTraffic Download

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