Download MSN Webcam Recorder For Windows

The MSN Webcam Recorder is a video recorder fast and powerful. He performs recordings of your computer screen from the main instant messengers: MSN , Yahoo! Messenger , ICQ and AIM . He is also able to perform the action games and other programs.

In addition to recording video, MSN Webcam Recorder is also able to record the audio of his conversations. Simply select this option in the program window. That way you can make it recorded that conversation you had with that friend who always belies their promises later.

Using MSN Webcam Recorder

To use MSN Webcam Recorder , you will need to download the program and install it. It is very important to pay attention to this step because the program prompts important to its operation settings. During installation, the wizard prompts the network installation . NET Framework , which is essential for the functioning of the application, it must be installed if you have not already installed on the machine.

Make recordings on MSN Webcam Recorder is relatively simple. Before you start recording, you must choose what you want to record:

Full Screen: to capture images of the whole screen;

Window: to capture images from a single window;

Fixed region: to capture images of a portion of the screen, set by you.

Made it, just start recording. The first button the program starts capturing. Once you click this option, the MSN Webcam Recorder will prompt you to choose a folder to save the video before you start recording. Then, the video starts recording. If you need to pause the recording, simply choose the second button. To stop recording, just click on the third icon.
Download MSN Webcam Recorder

Download MSN Webcam Recorder