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Download OmniSidebar is a complement for  Mozilla Firefox which serves to display various functions present in the browser as a sidebar on the left portion of the screen. The app also offers you the option of mounting a second panel on the right side of your browser, something that might be interesting for those with larger widescreen monitors.

Once installed the add immediately goes into action without the need to restart your browser to complete the task. The program comes ready to use, however, you can open the sector to adjust some settings and preferences make it more according to your style of use.

Facilitating Access

Though modern browsers have undergone a series of changes to improve its operation, for some time now they have not suffered so many more changes in terms of layout. Thus, one can say that anyone who uses them is familiar with the menus and options available in them.

Therefore, the function of OmniSidebar not offer a “unique” feature for Firefox, but easy access to some browser options. Initially, the program offers only a bar that is open on the left side of the screen as a default and the Favorites sector. However, the existing button on the screen itself can “decouple” the panel.

With this, you can place it in the location you see fit. In addition, you can access the settings to complement a number of additional options. You can, for example, choose the panel is always open to the right or left and hide while performing another action.

Moreover, it is also possible to activate a function so that the panel is open you click on the border of the browser window and enable keyboard shortcuts for the function. There are several options related to the appearance of the bar and its buttons, hiding alternatives, among other possibilities.

Additionally, it is through the settings section you can enable the opening of the second panel and change your usage preferences.

Navigating Between Sectors

As already mentioned, when you open the panel first, it starts in the Favorites sector. However, this feature can be easily changed by clicking on the title bar of it and choosing the option to view. You can open the history, the script editor, the page information, the console errors, the add-ons manager and log downloads.


OmniSidebar For Firefox is a great tool for anyone who wants easy access to some browser functions that are normally distributed menus in Firefox. Likewise, it also serves to improve the way in which certain items may be displayed during use, such as the error console.

The biggest advantage of the program lies in its ease of use, because all you need to do to activate the panel is to click the edge of the browser or use the keyboard shortcut set for action. In addition, the supplement offers you the possibility to view a number of options just by switching between them on the title bar.

Another interesting point is that the panel can be opened on the right, the left or undocked, in order to be able to position it in the place where you see fit. In addition, there is also the possibility that you operate two panels at the same time, enabling the function in the program options.

The handling of the items present on screen follows the traditional style of use that you would apply to the open function through conventional menu of Firefox. Thus, the program can be a good tool for many situations.

Download OmniSidebar For Mozilla Firefox

Download OmniSidebar For Mozilla Firefox

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