Download Nero Cover Designer 2014 For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


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Nero Cover Designer 2014 is a tool for creating templates for covers and discs, such as CDs, DVDs and BDs. With this, you can post your creations with elaborate and custom images to save or give away to someone.

The app has options for creating templates for the disks themselves and for the covers they accompany. Some molds have to print booklets specially designed to complement the contents of the hard choices.

It is best to mount

Nero Cover Designer 2014 is another tool mounting templates than a creation. Ie, it is more appropriate you create your graphics in more geared for such applications and then import those images into Nero Cover Designer 2014 and assembling them in the most appropriate way in the moldings and hard covers. That way, you do not need to worry about formats and dimensions, as it should if it were to print these things without the model tool of Nero.

This version of Nero Cover Designer 2014 is free and can display advertisements. During installation, some software partners are offered, as PSafe and others. If you do not want these apps on your system, just reject them.


Nero Cover Designer 2014 is a very practical tool for creating templates for albums and their covers. You can leave your DVDs and other more personalized and easier to identify amid a collection, for example.

The interface of Nero Cover Designer 2014 is quite simple to operate. There are very complex tools or hidden resources. The most basic things are all on display in the left sidebar of the window and the icons are quite communicative. That is, if you’ve used any drawing function in Windows can operate this program without difficulty. Still, there are several pre-made templates to facilitate their work.

Very simple creation

The results obtained in Nero Cover Designer 2014 are not the best. There are very advanced tools for drawing or for assembly with geometric shapes. If you make too big a circle or oval shape, for example, you can see crosshatch pattern appears. This kind of problem leaves something to be finishing a CD with a very unpleasant appearance.

Another annoyance is installing the app, which needs to be performed in two parts. You download, run the installer and then have to restart the computer to continue, something completely outdated and that only disturbs the user. Third-party software offered during installation, however, are fairly easy to reject.

Anyway, if you want to use Nero Cover Designer 2014 more to mount images produced in other more professional applications, the app should be a perfect fit for your needs. If you want to do all the work with him, it is better to use only the basics.

Download Nero Cover Designer 2014

Download Nero Cover Designer 2014

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