Download PhotoSz For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Are you needing to make small edits to a large number of images, but are too lazy or no time for that? The PhotoSz can be the right tool so that you can make these simple changes in several files simultaneously.

The app has features for resizing, changing the nomenclature, using transparent edges or filter grayscale and adding watermarks (both image and text).

Moreover, the PhotoSz allows the original figures are eliminated, routed to a directory that serves as a backup or remain intact. Time to indicate the source folder of images you want to edit, the program lets you delete files by size or keywords that they have registered in their metadata.

To get a sense of everything that will be applied to your photos, for example, a column PhotoSz offers preview of effects and filters already configured. The illustrations used in this mechanism are random, and not those that you’ve selected.


PhotoSz is a paid application that offers features for you to make minor edits to multiple images simultaneously. This feature is useful for anyone working with editing and distribution figures or simply want to resize your photo library, for example.

The program has a simple interface, without having a great visual appeal, but it is well organized. All its functions are brought together on a single screen, with sections distributed fairly consistently in view of the purpose of each feature.

Thus, their interaction should occur hassle-free and enjoyable way. In this sense, the software could rely on translation into Portuguese, as it has some advanced configuration options. Thus, Brazilian fans who do not speak English would find it easier to take advantage of all the tools offered.

Another positive point was PhotoSz performance image processing. In our tests, it was able to resize, apply transparent edges and add an element of overlap in 10 illustrations in not much more than 5 seconds.

What displeased in this application was support for a few image formats. It is compatible with only four extensions, not including JPG so common. On the developer site are informed that the program has support for JPEG, but the similar format can not be processed during our analysis in several attempts.

The PhotoSz has a suggested retail price which corresponds to approximately R $ 70, a hefty amount for a software that has no distinguishing features. Basically, you can find all he offers in free programs like  VISCOM Photo and  Photo Batch Converter .

Download PhotoSz For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Download PhotoSz For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8