SmyFashion For Android

SmyFashion For Android is an application designed for all fashion lovers can have access to exclusive pieces directly on your computer screen.

The idea of ​​the program is to offer the user many options for parts in various online stores full of style. Break, several other tools comes to making usability a little more complete application.

Blogging, for example, you will find very useful tips about fashion in general. Have the “Look” section you are able to put together a look with the pieces shown in a particular store. With this, you can already see if some combination of parts is really cool!


The SmyFashion is an application that allows you to visit the product online shops galleries, find tips about fashion and view the best combinations of skirts, jackets and other pieces.

The purpose of the program is very interesting, especially with regard to the ability to marry and parts application allow you can check how the combination of a skirt with a certain shirt, for example, can stay. The fact that you are able to check the material online shopping is also interesting, because then you have access to different pieces of designer brands.

The problem, however, is that few tools SmyFashion end up working indeed. There is only the option of a store, for example. This only alternative still has only a handful of parts in its catalog – too little for a software already available in the App market.

The assembly of the visual works relatively well. The combination appears in miniature, however, some parts end up piling up on each other, making it difficult to view. If you enlarge the doll to see how everything was better, realize that the picture is all messed up and the clothes are not in the correct place.

The blog has some interesting posts, however, viewing scheme is bad and you need to adjust the zoom manually. There are few posts and, accordingly, the good part is that the tips come with photos, something quite useful.

Download SmyFashion For Android

Download SmyFashion For Android