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SaveDeo is a completely free online service that serves you to download videos and music directly from the internet, with support for multiple sites. With it, you can store the content you want on your computer hassle-free way to watch or listen when you have time available.

The application needs no installation and is simple to use, even for those who do not have much experience with this type of application. It allows you to download content available on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, TED, Instagram, Flickr, Vevo, Vine, Twitch, Blip.TV, Apple Trailers, College Humor, Adobe TV, SoundCloud, Mixcloud and Metacafe.

Saving content

If you ever had the situation of leaving a video for later viewing and lost your reference, you know how this situation can be frustrating. While content sharing services costumem be trusted, sometimes you can just forget the address of material or it can be removed.

The SaveDeo is an online service that offers to help you save sound files and video directly on your computer. The main page of the application has two lists containing the most recent and the most popular videos. Likewise, there is a filter to hide the adult content that can be enabled or disabled.

However, it only leave as notice that, even with the filter enabled mentioned, a large part of the videos are displayed on the main page of adult nature.

Downloading videos or songs

The program interface is quite simple and it works from a single window, and the first step is to copy the address of the desired content and paste it in the field provided on the screen. Then just click the “Download” button and the program automatically identifies the contents and enter his data on your screen.


SaveDeo offers another alternative for downloading video files and audio from the internet. But one of the great advantages of the application with respect to other services of this style is that it supports a lot of video websites. Thus, you will hardly find any material that can not be downloaded through him.

Additionally, the entire operation is done very simply by employing a few clicks and eliminating any manual configuration or technical knowledge. So even beginners should not find any difficulty to get download and store the material.

Additionally, as the service is entirely online, no need to install anything on your computer and you can use it the machine you want. While this is a feature directly related to the size of the material and the speed of your connection, the download is very fast, taking a few minutes for its completion.

Worth only reinforce that it performs searches and paste works entirely based on the desired URL. Another aspect that should be scored is the fact that there is adult content on the main page, so you should be aware that even activating the filter available, you will be liable to face this kind of material on the thumbnails.

The quality of the downloaded content is good, but remember that it varies according to the hosted material, as the download is a copy of this video available on the audio source. Therefore, SaveDeo is a good option for those who want an easy-operation to extract audio from video service.

Download SaveDeo

Download SaveDeo

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