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ScreenToGIF, as its name suggests, is a tool to transform captured from your desktop into an animated GIF images. So if you always wanted to do animations from any image or procedure performed directly on your computer, you can find here the ideal tool for the task.

Moreover, he has the option of deleting frames before you even save the final content, facilitating the adjustments for you can post on any website or share with your friends. However, although there is this alternative, it lacks a proper editor, allowing only make the adjustment mentioned.

Capturing moments
Animations are a good way to illustrate an idea or an opinion. Be more fun to leave a text or to send a more cheerful (or encouraging) illustration for a friend, GIFs are elements in common use. The problem is that it is not always easy to mount them, especially if you do not have much experience with the applications to the task.

The ScreenToGIF is an application that offers the possibility to create a GIF from recording images on your computer. The program interface is quite simple, besides having a great visual organization of their duties. Although there is a settings menu, it comes fully ready for use.

However, through the preferences you can set some options functionality. Among them, you can set whether the application should show the mouse pointer on the recordings, whether it should allow editing after completing the recording, and that the file created should be stored in the default directory (in this case the desktop) .

Additionally, you can also modify the keyboard shortcuts for functions start and end recording.

Transforming into GIF
In a way, it is possible to say that the operation of the program occurs in two steps. Before you start recording, you can set some options available on the screen. You can choose the maximum number of frames per second and set the desired size for the result. Then, the second step consists in selecting the area in which the function will be applied and, for this, you must drag the application window to the desired location.

Now just click “Record” or use the keyboard shortcut for the task for which the procedure is immediately started. When you want to stop recording or just pause it, just use the commands available on the screen for the task. When the operation completes, a window shows all the captured frames.

Ali, you have some simple alternatives, how to delete the selected frames. Completed the changes, a notification window offers the alternative you provide a name for the file and choose the folder in which it should be stored.


ScreenToGif offers a tool with a slightly alternative function of most applications in this style. It does capture the images on your screen in order to create a GIF. That is, it is a very interesting tool, especially for those who want to build an animation without relying on a complex task for the application.

However, it is restricted to the capture of images taken from the computer. Likewise, the choice of the output file is limited to a single format. The main advantage is that everything is automatic: it extracts the frames alone and just set the desired for the final product excerpt.

Moreover, it has a simple editor that allows deleting frames easily, which can leave pretty much ready to use for those who want just this type of change. Likewise, it allows the size of the GIF, which is a great advantage, because some services have a maximum value in this regard is defined.

The whole process is very simple and does not have advanced alternatives, which may facilitate use for those who do not have much familiarity with applications that category. However, you can still modify some options in the settings to make the most appropriate to the functions you need.

The program interface is quite intuitive, with the functions available in the form of a button, making its use easier. So, if you want a simple application for this type of task, ScreenToGif can be the ideal tool for the job.

Download ScreenToGIF

Download ScreenToGIF

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