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If you are a small entrepreneur or even self-employed (freelancers),’ve certainly got desperate with the massive amount of data that must be managed in their routine work.

We’re talking about customers, taxes, charges, expenses, vendors, budgets and other types of information that need to be noted and closely monitored, especially if you want to increase your productivity to the max.

There are a number of web applications and services aimed at professionals who want to better manage your enterprise data, however, most of the time, such tools are paid and require the user Archer with a fixed monthly fee which is not always consistent with your budget. And to solve this problem was that the studio decided to create the Dynacom Technologies Nutcache.

Good, beautiful and grace
The Nutcache is an online application and multilingual (yes, it has supported the Portuguese in Brazil!) That acts as manager of time and billing. The main attraction of the service is the fact of being completely free itself – that’s right, no hidden charges, blocked or resources “premium” that can be activated by a special signature tools. Everything the site offers can be accessed for free by simply making a quick registration and activate your account by clicking on a link that will be sent to your email.

In addition to registering your company details, products or services it offers, Nutcache also allows you to analyze performance reports (automatically generated based on the elapsed time for completion of projects) and issue invoices a very simple way, with the possibility of send them to their customers in DOC, XLS, PPT, HTML, RTF and CSV formats.


The Nutcache is a great option for freelancers, entrepreneurs and micro-entrepreneurs who do not want (or can not) spend loads of money on expensive applications for business management. Showing that what is free can also have exceptional quality, service particularly appeals to be fully translated into Portuguese of Brazil and present an intuitive interface.

Although it is naturally easy to use, the Nutcache offers a series of mini-guides that help the novice user to understand all the functions and menus of the application. The first screen you see when you log in for the first time presents a list of “first steps” that helps you to leave the service properly configured, running the way that best suits your needs.

Is very difficult to point a negative point in Nutcache: this is really a “premium” app that offers great features without asking nothing in return. There are even ads on the service interface. If you are an independent entrepreneur or small business, throw in the garbage management software you are using and try Nutcache immediately.


Download Nutcache