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Have you ever dreamed of being a pirate? Build your own ship, hire a team of buccaneers and sail the sea without direction, facing all the obstacles that life puts in your way?

Pixel Piracy is an independent game of the strategy genre, which follows the same lines as the famous Terraria. Here you are challenged to embody a pirate “beginner” who must brave the seven seas while building your reputation and improves the conditions of his own ship.

The controls are extremely simple way: just use the A and D keys to move the camera horizontally and the mouse buttons to interact with NPCs or other elements of the scenario. As soon as you start your adventure, a series of multiple choice questions will define the look of your character, after which you will already be free to explore a small island and communicate with other Buccaneers region.

Life in the oceans

One of the coolest mechanics in Pixel Piracy is the possibility to create your ship from scratch, fitting different types of “small blocks” while going shaping your vehicle at ease. There is a great diversity of types of wood, floors, walls, stairs and other supplies that will be included in your pirate boat if you want your team to survive the dangers of the high seas. It is necessary, even take a bit of food on board (fruit, for example), so that his crew does not end up starving in the middle of their battles.

It is important to note that the actions of his characters directly affect the status of your characters (moral, courage, intelligence, speed etc..), Being essential to try to leave these features as balanced as possible.

How to Install

The Pixel Piracy is offered via Desura , a distribution platform for games that works similarly as the famous Steam , Valve. Therefore, to get the game, you must register with the service – if you do not have an active account – and download the desktop client that will handle the entire process of downloading and installation of the title. If you need more information about how to use Desura to download and buy games, be sure to read this very complete tutorial that Tecmundo prepared for you.

Piracy off the ship

Everyone knows that piracy – and this time we mean the act of distributing non-legal copies of content – is a very common practice worldwide and extremely difficult to be barred. Thus, developers Pixel Piracy decided to offer a “pirate” version of the game itself, so that anybody can acquire it via torrent without having to pay anything. According to the developers, “any person who want to pirate the game will be able to do it anyway, so it’s much safer to offer people an official link to prevent their computers are infected with viruses.”


Piracy is a pixel perfect for those who appreciate indie games with minimalist proposals title. With a simple mechanic, but very addictive and fun, the game manages to enchant immediately because of its cartoonish look and inspired by classic video games (ah, great age of 8 bits!). Anyone who has played Minecraft or Terraria will feel at home while building your boat block by block, a task that requires some creativity and some minimal notions of engineering.

Even more interesting is the decision of the game developers in releasing a “pirate” version for anyone who wants to enjoy it without paying anything. After all, this unreasonable act seems to have had a positive effect: Pixel Piracy became much more famous and even figured in the top bestseller in the Desura platform.

The only negatives we found in the title was the soundtrack, which is relatively poor and has songs that do not even come close to all the sympathy of the game. Yet more Pixel Piracy is an independent game that deserves to be played, appreciated and bought. Worth it!
Pixel Piracy

Pixel Piracy Download

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