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PlayMemories is a service developed by Sony in order to store photos and videos of several devices in the cloud. Through a single account, you can sync all your media content and can play it on any supported device.

The most interesting is that Sony PlayMemories offers unlimited space for your photos. However, there is a small, however: for photos with one or both sides larger than 1920 pixels longest side will be resized to 1920 pixels and saved.

The program also has extra features such as removal of identical pictures and display of old pictures, a month, a year ago or by other parameters. All The Sync feature, which syncs all your photos, organize your pictures by date.

You also have the Photobook feature, which easily organizes your photos into personalized photo albums. You can also share your photos and videos with your family and friends by email or Facebook. The program also lets you create fun postcards.

Support for pictures and videos of any size is also supported, but with a limit of 5 GB of free storage. You can also view photos in high quality resolution 4K.


Sony PlayMemories is an app from Sony, designed to store photos, videos and music in the cloud. Through it, users will have unlimited storage of media content and can sync with multiple devices at the same time.

Moreover, PlayMemories offers a ride of extra features that make the storage experience much more complete pictures. You can, for example, organize certain images in albums, create postcards and more.

Automatic and unlimited

In addition to allowing free photo storage, with a limit of up to 1920 pixels (which is a very high resolution, by the way), you can also add videos to the service, with a limit of up to 5 GB. It’s a small portion, but this feature should be seen as just an extra.

Sony PlayMemories runs in the background on your device. After you take the pictures, he performs the automatic backup to the cloud, without you noticing. The application works identically to the feature “Photos” Google+.

Onipresencia guaranteed

All your images will be sorted by date, which leaves much simpler and easy viewing. In addition, the program has beautiful and well produced presentation that turbine visual experience of the program.

One of the main Advantages of Sony PlayMemories is that it can be accessed from several places: iPhones and iPads, Android smartphones and tablets, TVs and Smart TV with WiFi cameras from Sony, Playstation 3, desktops and notebooks with a program or online through the browser.

Thus, no matter where it comes from content: everything you record will be sent to the same place and can be seen by all devices, thanks to the synchronization feature Sync All.

Not only for Sony customers

Sony PlayMemories may make more sense for those who use Sony products such as TVs, cameras smartphones from the company. That’s because the service is only compatible for televisions and Sony cameras with exclusive apps. The Xperia line from Sony also gets its own program. The PS3 is the only console supported, obviously.

However, any PC, browser, tablet or smartphone equipped with iOS or Android you can also enjoy the benefits of the service indefinitely. Ie, it is better for those with Sony products, but there is no limiting factor for those who have not.

Download Sony PlayMemories

Download Sony PlayMemories

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