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Nero SoundTrax is an application for editing and audio mixing freely available to any staff. The tool combines a lot of features for editing audio enhancement, offering different designs for different usage needs.=

Audio features to capture and record all results in a blank disc are also present in this program. In short, you have at hand a varied and very reliable platform capable of meeting all the needs in relation to editing and mixing music.

Starting up

Decisions regarding Nero SoundTrax start when you open the program and must choose which type of project will be performed on it. Several options are ready, several models that you can build upon to perform what you want. Each has a brief description on the home screen, thus ensuring greater customization according to what you need.

If desired, you can also create as many templates as you like and save them, nice feature for when using Nero SoundTrax become repetitive. So, whenever you need to repeat the structure of something, just visit one of the models that you created and start to edit it.

Audio effects and mixing

Regardless of the format chosen, you can apply a lot of effects in an audio track. You can join several of them in one or applying filters only on certain stretches of the same song. Other items can also be changed in the same way as volume and adding plugins.

Nero SoundTrax also features a function called Nero ScratchBox, giving further resources for those who already have some knowledge in this area. He is an editor of beats in which you set time and amount of bpm is still possible to create effects “text to speech”, giving an even more personal touch to your creation.

Conclusion and recording

Stir in everything you can and let your music the way you want. As it happens, you can listen to the audio to see if everything is coming out the way you want. At the end, you can export it to a new file and then write the result directly to a new disk.


During installation, Nero ScratchBox offers the inclusion of a safety program on your machine. If you do not want to install it, simply check the “Decline” when the picture below appears on your screen.

Then click “Next” and proceed with the installation quietly.


Nero SoundTrax is a competent application with a well-organized and that still stands out for being free interface. The amount of resources here is the big plus point, being a fertile field for lay people or more advanced users, including with a unique resource for creating beats.

The visual Nero SoundTrax greatly facilitates its use because the interface is clean, no advertisements and brings a “classic” structure, so to speak, for such programs. So all he has to offer is easily found in your window that divides everything into menus, which favors the intuitiveness of the editing process.

The fact of not charging anything to be used is an interesting asset, making Nero SoundTrax a great alternative to applications already established genre, such as  Audacity (also free), or other paid programs of the genre, such as Sound Forge Pro . Undoubtedly, this application is able to offer a professional experience.

Perhaps the visual appeal of Nero SoundTrax is not enough, with the program screen is very similar to an old version of Microsoft Office. This does not affect the user experience, but it is something that takes some of the luster of a program generally competent, easy to use and functional.

Download Nero SoundTrax

Download Nero SoundTrax

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