Download Sony Vegas Pro 12 For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1


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The Sony Vegas Pro is a video editor for Windows , easy to use and quite complete with tools to work with images and audio professional level. The interface is highly customizable and there is a practical display of a “timeline” of their projects. Download Sony Vegas is indispensable for professionals looking for a powerful video editing tool.

The program allows users to import sound files, video and image from your computer or the internet and using various mask options, filters and effects. Despite having a presentation a little intimacy, he has a number of features that make it one of the best existing video editors.

How to use Sony Vegas Pro 12

After installing the free version for testing, you can use all of its features for up to 15 days when the term expires tests. However, some of its basic tools can still be used.

The interface is divided into small windows. In its top-located whether edits and display that lets you preview the project and imported media screen. While at the bottom, there is a “timeline” that shows in detail everything that is included to your project. With some editing options in your menu bar, many of the features mentioned are triggered by the windows.

They can be fully customized configuration of your layout, simply drag them around the screen. This allows users to hide less used tools and increase the space of the most enjoyed. Furthermore, most of the basic functions can be easily learned in a practical interactive tutorial, available on the “Interactive Tutorials …”, accessed by the “Help” menu.

Support for multiple formats

The software is compatible with almost all types of video files, audio and picture. It even has support for professional record formats such as XDCAM, NXCAM, AVCHD, and RED, and pictures with more than one gigapixel in resolution.

Additionally, the service allows you to import media from the internet to include in the project, which may have their final works produced in different formats of video files or more fully in a Blu-Ray library.

Basic Tools

The first window hides most of the options for handling their projects in the tabs of the bottom. There is the possibility to view them easily if they are dragged and increased.

These resources are the most simple and affordable alternative as they allow users to determine transition effects between scenes, put color filters, light and glare in your videos. Or, use tools to assist the interaction between different media.

Editing effects professional level:

The other two parts of the interface allow you to perform larger issues in every video and audio file that is added to your project. There is the feature of using masking effects, determine areas that remain in focus, control the mode transition of sounds and images, insert different text types, etc..

The tool has several tools for mixing, which allows the use of unlimited audio tracks. Furthermore, the use of various resources for expansion and compression in sync with the “timeline” and processing of a number of effects equalizer, reverb, fade in and fade off, etc. is possible.

The program allows the user to record a disc on Blu-ray with the design on your “timeline”. You can include interactive menus, subtitles in multiple languages, support for different audio channels, among other options. There is still the advantage of supporting high-resolution media and the ability to import, adjust, edit, preview and produce 3D videos. Download Sony Vegas Pro and see!

Download Sony Vegas Pro 12

Download Sony Vegas Pro 12

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