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UltraMixer Free is a tool that can assist users working with audio on the computer or who just want to enhance your playlists, giving a professional touch to them. The program can be used to create musical sequences and mixes for parties and other events.

The main window of the software features two simultaneous audio players that offer the user many possibilities. This makes it possible to handle two playlists simultaneously, alternating bands so that the sound does not stop ever. Furthermore, the application has independent volume and equalizers that can adjust each of a different song and very practical way controls.

Main features

UltraMixer Free has several interesting features, including tools for creating playlists and fading . The software allows you to create separate playlists for each player.As playlists can be imported from your computer or other devices directly. You can add playlists saved on your hard drive, including entire folders of music, audio CDs, music saved on your USB stick, among others.

The function Fading is one of the most important features of the program. It allows you to switch between the songs of each player harmonious and natural way. The feature works like a conventional volume. You can reduce it in a song and increase it in another at the same time. The software offers three ways to accomplish this transition.

A downloadable version of the program is free. However, you must activate the software through an e-mail confirmation will be sent to your mailbox. The procedure is simple and fast.

UltraMixer Free

Download UltraMixer Free