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Sound Forge Audio Studio provides everything you need to edit and mix professional quality audio on your home computer. With it, you can record instruments and vocals in real time, edit and restore audio thoroughly, apply studio-quality effects to productions, and convert files with lightning speed.

But not only! The application allows you to create your own karaoke track, and offers a number of features that put many image editing programs to shame. Without fail, of course, to make life easier for home user, who longs for professional resources in one intuitive program and designed specifically for it.

And this is precisely the proposal of Sound Forge Audio Studio. Offering professional features for home users who do not have a studio production and recording, but certainly have ideas and creativity to implement.

Record Your Performance

Sound Forge Audio Studio makes it easy to capture audio from almost all sources. Simply connect a microphone or instrument into the computer sound card and start recording.

The program allows the user to monitor audio levels in real time mixes for even greater accuracy, and capture instruments and vocal performances with ease. You can also digitize and restore old recordings, add narration to existing videos and create fully customized textures and effects.

Easily edit

Despite the complete and varied tools it offers, Sound Forge Audio Studio presents a simple and intuitive usability, which thankfully goes away from common software complexity to the genre. Simply “drag and drop” to balance sound levels, trim unwanted sections, and synchronize audio and video.

Actions such as cut, copy and paste, can be performed in real time, so you can check the result immediately. Also, basic functions such as reducing audio excerpts, highlighting instruments and inversion can be performed tracks from a single mouse click, as well as a number of other important features for editing.

Tell the assistant

And if you find any difficulty in handling the application and its tools, you can still get help on “Show me how” feature. This great feature can help the user at various times, either to clarify doubts on the overall operation of the program, or even to monitor the implementation of some specific action. To access the feature, just click on its icon in the program’s toolbar at the top of the window.


There are several software for media editing. Audio, specifically, there are not so many and one of them is the Sound Forge Audio Studio. It offers the home user good tools for better and more satisfactory results without complex resources.

Even with a simplified program for less experienced users, it offers features that make your work more professional, and it requires some knowledge on it. Just take the time to understand your tools and will get greatly improve the quality of your audio.

The “Show Me How” function works as a tutorial and is useful for anyone who uses the software of its kind for the first time. Maybe one of the big balconies application because when in doubt, just resort to this little help.

For home users that are related to more professional results, Sound Forge Audio Studio can be an interesting alternative because it brings some advanced features, perfectly usable by anyone. Check!

Sound Forge Audio Studio 10

Download Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 For Windows

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