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Super Drag is a complement to the  Mozilla Firefox used to improve the functions of “click and drag” offered by the browser.

The application supports links, text and images and is able to open the content in a tab in foreground, or the current tab as desired.

Once installed the add immediately goes into action without the need to restart your browser to complete the task. The program comes ready to use, however, you can open the sector to adjust some settings and preferences make it more according to your style of use.

Facilitating the opening

If you go back in time a bit longer will realize how modern browsers have gone through several changes in order to provide enhanced operation mode for the client. Still, there are always some tasks that could be better and the supplements are usually responsible for fulfilling this task.

The idea is Super Drag facilitate their interaction with links, images and text to search. Although the browser already provides a function to “drag open” in a new tab, the complement offers the possibility to choose how you want to view, plus you can even select the desired search engine searches.

In the program settings you can make some adjustments as a guide to indicate the opening of each of the supported items. Moreover, you can also set how much you need to drag the object to the tool panel is open and in what position it should be initialized. In addition, there are also defining what position the new tab should be open (with respect to the above).

Using the application

Once configured the program to make it work according to their preferences, their use is quite simple. Basically, if you want to do a search for a term located in a web page, simply select it and “drag” for a few moments (to the desired location). Once established, a panel opens offering the possibility to choose from a tab to perform the search.

The operation is the same for the links, allowing you to start on the desired tab. In the case of an image, in addition to the search options, you can choose a tab to open it in normal view.


Super Drag is a great tool for anyone who wants easy opening and link images in the browser and choose which tab and which search engine you want to do a search on a term. Although the application does not provide a vital function to the browser, it certainly is a great utility for those doing research on the internet.

Likewise, it can be a program of great help to make reading links and associated items without leaving the current tab. A very interesting point of complement, even is the fact that you can choose which tab you want to open the items, with the ability to execute them in a new tab and leave it longer as active.

Moreover, you can also opt for a tab in the background or even the current tab. The biggest advantage of the program lies in its ease of use, because all you need to do to activate the tool panel is “drag” the item you want some space from its original location (the distance even can be changed in settings) .

Additionally, you can also choose the search engine you want to use in case of a search. At least during our tests, the program has adapted perfectly to the browser, causing no crashes and no loss of performance in the browser, with a great tool for the features offered.

Download Super Drag For Mozilla Firefox

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