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OneDrive is the new tool of cloud storage from Microsoft. You can store any type of file on the company’s servers in a space dedicated to you and protected by encryption. You can still sync all your documents across all your devices, including PCs, Macs and smartphones across platforms, and many tablets.

Free, the service provides for you up to 15 GB of space in the cloud, the first 7GB freed from the start. To get the rest, you must meet a few steps, enabling synchronization on any of your devices. Simply install the app OneDrive on all your devices.

Getting Started

To start using the OneDrive, you need to have a Microsoft . That done, you only need to access specified on the link and log in with the information you have just defined link.

Initially, you will be introduced to the new OneDrive that for computers and the web, has changed very little compared to what was seen in SkyDrive, name of the old tool storage company.

Office Online

The big difference compared to OneDrive SkyDrive is the presence of new applications Office Online. They are basically simplified the Microsoft Office 2013 versions that run in your browser. Other than that, they are completely integrated into OneDrive, allowing you to save documents created in their traditional folders. Furthermore, files made in your Word, Excel and PowerPoint and OneNote PC can be edited and displayed in these online tools.


To send files to your OneDrive, just drag them into the tab where the service is open. Dragging one of the already created, your files should be saved folders in it. You can still create a new one specifically for your new uploads. At the top of the window is a button called “Create”. Click it and select “Folder” to make a new folder.

If you do not want to drag documents into the service tab, you can still click on “Upload” at the top of the window and browse your local files to select the items to be shipped.

If you already have the app installed on your computer OneDrive, just put the files in the folder that was created on your system with the service name. On Windows, it is always displayed in the midst of your “Favorites” in Windows Explorer. Note that uploading made this way can be quite slow, since it should not interfere with your connection speed. If you rush, you better make the shipment by the browser.


OneDrive is a cloud storage tool that allows the user to save files remotely and access them from any device connected to the internet. You get up to 15 GB of free space and then can get more with annual and monthly subscriptions. Besides being available on the web, OneDrive has apps for Windows, Mac OSX, Windows Phone, Android and iOS. With this, you can sync your documents between all these platforms with ease.

The highlight of OneDrive is its ability to sync. Can you keep a plethora of devices connected to your account and can access documents on your PC and mobile phone on the PC anytime.

Online document editing

Another element that draws a lot of attention is the presence of Office Online, a streamlined package of Microsoft Office 2013  that can be used on your web browser as if it were running directly in Windows. Best of all is that changes made ​​in applications such as Word and Excel interface are scarce and rarely interfere with your productivity. In fact, they even potentiate their work, allowing multiple people edit the same document at the same time.

In our tests, the OneDrive worked without any problem. Download files presents no problems and synchronization is done gradually, avoiding you to lose your connection during performance of the procedure. This implies, however, in a longer waiting time for everything to be finalized.

Thus, we can consider the OneDrive one of the best cloud storage solutions that you can find on the web, it is compatible with many platforms, performance and integration with Office Online. So worth checking out.

Download OneDrive

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