Aurora Player Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1


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Aurora Player is a video player for Windows 8 that lets you watch any film or audiovisual file of your computer with subtitles and a distinguished look. You can give the play in full screen or leave the screen of smaller size, with a reflection on the back of and the ability to add “stars” in the background.

Open subtitle files in various formats and customize the background with colors and possibilities of reflection. Aurora Player is an interesting player, because it offers not only a normal full screen view, but also a smaller window that can be used in artistic installations or to post videos playing at a party, for example.

Choose a size settings for the video window, the proportions and opacity of the blur in the background. By giving play the video, it will adapt to what you choose and show the background a reflection of what is being shown, but well out of focus and an artistic manner, as if being projected far.

You can choose the background color and if you want to “star” decorating the entire window (unless within the video screen). These stars are white dots, and a black background, leaving an appearance of depth of field clearer. Open any video file with subtitles; watch with a custom look or put the movie in full screen and enjoy.


The video player Player Aurora is a good option for those looking for an elegant tool with advanced viewing options and be able to open captions. It allows to watch videos, movies and music in a different way and can be used as display at parties and events.

Customizable display screen

What draws the most attention is the reflection blur in the background, showing a very blurry version that is being displayed on the main screen. To watch movies on a daily this option may not be as useful, but if you want to display videos on a big screen at parties, for example, this option may be interesting to give a more charming decor to your efento.

It is also interesting to watch audiovisual archives in low resolution, as it does not stretch the file, but it gives the impression that most of the screen is being used – the option of adding stars is another interesting difference. You can customize the background color and even put pictures as background (this option can make the screen too confusing), just access the settings.

Subtitle support

In addition to having a display of dynamic background, with reflection of what is being shown, this player has another interesting twist: it accepts subtitle files and lets you watch your favorite movie with the translation or the original lines at the bottom. Just open the file and enjoy the fun. However, there is no synchronization tool for subtitles, if they are mismatched with the video.

Worth downloading and testing the Aurora Player, which is a very interesting program and well done. However, if you want a standard video player and audio, there are other free options and you do not necessarily need to buy this. The difference in his view is what justifies the purchase, so keep in mind if this is really necessary before paying for the app.

Aurora Player Download

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