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TestFlight is a free platform used to distribute beta or internal members of the development team created for iOS and Android applications. Developers can manage beta testing campaigns and get feedback from your team through the main panel of the program.

Moreover, with the TestFlight SDK implemented in an application, developers can acquire more metrics about how testers are acting and using the application. The SDK works for both (internal and beta) versions, available in the App Store and Google Play.

A major advantage of the application is that it is entirely free. All features and applications can be used freely and for an unlimited amount of users. That way, you can make unlimited with your team by the time you want testing.

But how does it work?
Any developer of iOS and Android can subscribe to the service, create a team within the program, invite members to join it, add devices to the development of the application, upload the program to test and distribute among all the people involved.

Process for developers
A developer can use the TestFlight simple. Simply register and create your team and then invite and gather all UDIDs members, adding them to the Developer Portal and create a provisioning profile for the app.

Then just simply develop the iPhone app (. IPA) or the Android app (. APK) and upload to TestFlight. Distribute the build team members and wait for feedback from testers.

You may receive feedback, monitor the activity of testers and realize the full development of the test application from the comfort of your chair. Developers in teams can also upload multiple applications for internal testing distribution.

TestFlight SDK to integrate the development, you can get data collected from a test phase (currently only available for iOS).

Process for testers
Testers can use the TestFlight in several ways: either you can be invited or recruited or simply just subscribe.

Once you sign up and make your login to the dashboard for the first time, you will be prompted to connect the device, allowing developers to access the device unique identifier of the device (UDID) or have the ability to install applications on your Android smartphone.

Once you have successfully connected your device to your account and have been accepted into a team, the developer will have to add the UDID to the application, so you can install it on your device.

Once the developer carries a build, you will receive an e-mail through TestFlight Developer, with a link to install the build.

Follow the instructions in the email, click the link, download the version for your device, and you’re ready to start using the app.


TestFlight is a simple platform, but made completely safe for internal developers to test applications or in beta. Through it, you can create a secure network testing so developers and testers can assess the application.

The biggest advantage of this platform is that it works totally free of charge. With TestFlight, you can spread your application to many users-testers indefinitely, thus ensuring a better assessment of your app.

The whole process is very clear and easy to perform, for both developers and testers.

Download TestFlight For iOS And Android

Download TestFlight For Android

Download TestFlight For iOS

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