Nimbus Note Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Nimbus Note is a software developed by Studio Everhelper you can create multiple notes and organize them by Google Chrome to not forget contents that are important to you – and you want to query later in other places, including smartphones and tablets.

After installing the plugin, an icon of Nimbus Note will be permanently visible side of the URL address bar on Google Chrome. There are two ways to use the Nimbus Note: You can select the content (links, text, paragraphs, images) when navigating and clicking on the software icon to insert them automatically in their lists or access the Nimbus Note the website for your own Register and add content manually.

Thus, you will have access to their list of tags anywhere, since you can access the site from Nimbus Note to another computer or device to check your reminders. You can create different folders in the application so that the contents can be separated in a more organized manner. Four icons are on the top left of the Nimbus Note, when you access it from Google Chrome.

The “X” icon allows you to delete the folders created (be careful, if you click that button the first folders are automatically discarded). The “+” icon causes the new notes are registered (you can write texts in a small publisher in Nimbus Note, placing portions in bold, italic and underlined as you wish). As you might expect, clicking the third button new folders are made. And the last icon serves to synchronize and update the information in Nimbus Indexed Note.


If you browse the internet and always find interesting content you want to view or share later, the Nimbus Note may be great for you. With this plugin for Google Chrome, you can select text, images and information in general and save to your account to access the Nimbus Note on other computers and devices then become a very practical and service available anywhere.

The usability of Nimbus Note is quite variable, since it is you who will decide the applications of this tool (lists of things to do, important texts, quick reminders, among others). As the saved content can be managed and changed (you can organize folders, send information from one place to another), you can take other functions to Nimbus Note easily.

Easy usability Interface
The service is entirely in English, but this is not a problem, since the interface makes extensive use of icons. At first, it may seem somewhat difficult to create folders and add them directly from the web content, but it becomes easier if you select the text and click the right mouse button and select the Nimbus Note.

The organization of the items in the application is so easy, since you can freely modify all data entered into Nimbus Note. To complete, is allowed to share the information registered service itself, which is also very useful and practical. If you are someone who is always finding interesting things on the web and do not have time to read the texts in time, the Nimbus Note may be excellent for you.

Nimbus Note Download

Nimbus Note Download