Download Timer-stopwatch For Pc (Windows XP/Vista/7)

Timer-stopwatch – an application whose purpose is to measure and count intervals of passing time, in hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds. Used for a variety of events, during physical exercise, scientific and laboratory research, accurate measurement and timing.

Timer-stopwatch is useful for reference specific periods of time, like a metronome, and a stopwatch.

The program has a convenient and pleasing to the eye interface, which has many features and a good help system. The utility is simple to set up and manage, and there is also a convenient registration via SMS to complete the work.

Among the features of the Timer-stopwatch can be identified:

  • fast 3D view;
  • Support mode countdown stopwatch and timer;
  • the presence of predefined colors, self setting visibility of elements;
  • able to stretch the window to full screen stopwatch;
  • support two types of screen clock dial and LCD display;

Timer-stopwatch will be useful for those who prefer to manage their time effectively and live as full and interesting life. Also, the utility is very cool exacerbates understanding of how quickly time passes. Using the program constantly, you will notice that for one and the same time, every day, of accomplishment will be more and more.
Download Timer-stopwatch For Pc

Download Timer-stopwatch For Pc