Download Total Video Player For Windows XP, Vista

The amount of video formats that currently exist often scare people. Have to download a player for each file type has become a boring and tiresome task.

The Total Video Player appeared just to end this problem. He is a media player that can play major media formats today. With it you can play audio and video with a single totally free application, which does not occupy much space on your hard disk.

Supported Formats

The strong point of Total Video Player is compatible with different formats. The list includes the type extensions: AVI, MP4, 3GP, DAT, QT, MOV, MPG, MPEG, M1V, WMV, RMVB, RM, ASF, 3GP2, 3G2, 3GPP, SWF, FLV, FLI, FLC, M4V, DV , MKV, OGM and DSM.

Playing 3GP is particularly interesting for those who have mobile phone with camera function, since it is common for videos to be saved in this format.

The Total Video Player also plays some types of digital audio. These are WAV, MP3, AAC and even OGG.


Total Video Player is a free player that supports the fact that a large capacity file formats. It is compact and does not need extra codecs, a characteristic that makes it different from many free players.

The interface would be great, except for the fact that the look is similar to Winamp. But the worst is that plagiarism was not used to give commands effectively to the contrary. You need to take multiple clicks on each menu to open it. Indeed, only after many attempts is that the user discovers the trick: to run, you need to click on the bottom menu. But until you reach that point there was enough irritation and wear with the software.

When you finally open the file, the image quality and sound are good, but just like any other player. He does not have a mechanism to increase quality, which means that it will greatly depend on file characteristics and specifications of your computer.

In general, it is worth testing the Total Video Player, mainly by free and it takes up little space on your hard drive. But with so many options available in the market, it is difficult to consider it the best option in any way.

Download Total Video Player

Download Total Video Player