Download DJ Audio Editor For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


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DJ Audio Editor  is a basic audio editor for Windows. Allows simple tasks like applying some effects and filters and copy and paste audio in certain stretches.

It has very friendly interface, which helps novice users took full advantage of the program once the first time. Has ample work area for editing and more popular effects like delay, reverb, and invert compressor, flanger and chorus.


The program allows the manipulation of files already in the work screen. The user can cut, cut, copy and paste parts of a song and to make a brief and simple mixing in the editing room.

Clicking “Open” an audio can be loaded into the editor. It it will appear in its original format and from there, just start using the editing options that are at the top of the screen.

Filters and effects

Select the portion of audio you want to edit and then select Filters and Effects. For each one, the window corresponding to the function appears bringing a lot of editing options, such as Chorus, Amplify, among others.

Wait for the program to process the effect applied. To hear what it was, you can only listen to the words of the effect by selecting it or listen to the entire song, making the entire area free.

Playback and Recording

The buttons for playback and recording of audio are at the bottom of the screen. A clock with the running time of the music is also displayed and more, there are only editing option based on a certain time of the audio. In this case, the user can enter Selection in the minutes and seconds to the top and the minutes and seconds to the end of the cut, glue or simple file playback.

Supported Formats

Normally, audio editing programs support the most popular file such as wav and mp3. With DJ Audio Editor is a little different. Besides supporting the most used extensions, OGG, AAC, AIFF and even less common formats are also supported, such as AMR, M4A and MP2.

Personalization audio

Two features can further improve the user experience with the software. The first is the control parameter, which changes the mixing effects and filters to achieve a unique and customized result. And then there’s the history of all that has been done within the program, can undo or redo actions.

This version

After working with the file you can save it to supported formats. But since this is a free version, the generated file will win a voiceover voice that tells the program logo.

DJ Audio Editor is free, runs on Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista and is in English.


The program offers good editing options, although basic, but is not on the list of the best. However, for novice users may be an input tool.

Works well and great performance. No lock nor have falls during use. The audio is immediately recognized and he brings a viewing screen quite comfortable.

For having organized and divided and very well appointed icons interface is hard to get lost in the program. It is easy to use and find the options you want to work on a file.

But the program piece by limiting the user’s time to export the file. After spending time working on an audio, free full version booking a bizarre phrase that goes along with the edited file.

DJ Audio Editor

Download DJ Audio Editor

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