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The Tweetium is an application for accessing Twitter on computers and tablets with Windows 8. It has a visual geared especially to display multimedia content, with more screen space for images and videos than normal. With one click the app displays the photos in full size and allows you to respond quickly tweet.

Unlike the current trend of customers to Twitter, this app does not work with the concept of columns. On the homepage, for example, the tweets are displayed in tiles beneath each other, but ordered horizontally. Ie, the leftmost column shows, from top to bottom, the latest tweets, the column next to it, it shows the continuation and so on.

To see tweets in response, private messages, the highlights on the social network and the connections among your friends, click one of the buttons at the top of the app and it shows what you want, always in the same horizontal system. Click to tweet a photo to see it full size and click on the arrow in the corner of the message to return to the previous size.

When opening the first Tweetium is possible to change the color of the interface, but if you want to do it again later, just access the settings app. To do this, follow the following path: Charms Bar> Settings> Preferences> Theme . Other important settings can be adjusted on this screen.


The Tweetium is an application for Twitter that promises to be a “premium” option among customers for this social network. However, he has not as important differentials and ends up being just another app among many others. The fact that he is paid also makes hardly worth using it in place of the official app, which is great and very beautiful.

Appearance leaves something to be desired

The look of Tweetium is hardly ugly, but who really cares about the design of the products it can be a disappointment. The tiles and other columns have a simple look, with shades and colors that seem outgoing 90s, and textures without much emphasis. Because it is a paid app, it is expected to be more well presented, but until your logo is slightly pixelated on the opening screen of the application.

The separation of tweets into columns but horizontally is interesting for those who want to see older tweets at once, but the look of classic columns fouls; having to click somewhere else to see the mentions something that is tired, yet more than show that there is no notification when you receive a new reply.

Running in the middle

The Tweetium is hardly a bad client, but it is quite disappointing as it has practically no differential or featured functions. The truth is that it really delivers everything it promises, but presents no more reason to let the user to use the official app of the network – which is already very good.

An interesting point is the opening of the pictures in large size with just one click, and it really works better than Tweetdeck, for example. But the truth is that pay to use a client whose main differential display of images does not make much sense in the end.
Download Tweetium

Download Tweetium

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