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Yxplayer HD is a video player for Windows 8 which supports many formats, has a system of custom playlists and has a tool for adding captions that puts the translations of the speeches in the video automatically, just that they are in the folder correct.

To add videos click the button in list form in the lower left corner of the screen. A parallel window opens and you need to click on the “+” button to add all the files you want, even if it is just one. If you prefer, save that playlist to open more easily later.

All downloaded videos are shown forever in “Video” field and the audio files in “Music”. Press play to run the file and check if the program imported subtitles – they must have exactly the same name as the movie and be in the folder designed for this purpose, which can be changed in the program settings window.

In the settings you can change the theme to black or white player. Other important settings are the legend color and font size, which help stop the translation more readable shown their films. The yxplayer HD runs almost all major video formats and audio and supports playback at the highest quality.


The video player yxplayer HD is an application that has all the advanced features and apps finished, allows you to create playlists and even has subtitles support, but ends up committing a very serious problem all his success: he always caught in testing that the play is tight.

Because it is a paid app, it’s good to make sure it will work before buying the product. It is possible that this problem is isolated, then it is worth taking the test and see if the HD yxplayer can usually work on your machine. The positive features of it are very important, and if he can play videos without stalling on your computer or tablet, it’s worth giving a chance.

Cute, but confusing visual

The look of yxplayer HD, although simple, is very interesting and complete, containing everything you need (lists, settings, video control buttons etc.). The interface is a little confusing for those just starting to use the app, since there is no button to add videos directly on the home screen, you must open the lists.

Another problem is that the buttons are repeated throughout the app and this can cause confusion. To add music and videos, for example, you need to click on the “+” at the bottom of the screen playlists, but to create a playlist, there is a “+” button at the top of that screen.

Not surprising

The subtitle reading and the ability to change the look, although they are interesting tools are not sufficient to show that this player really worth it, especially for the purchase. If he does not catch on your machine, so is a differentiated and good player, but the constant failures make, if you want a paid program, may be more worthwhile buy PowerDVD , for example.

Yxplayer HD for Windows 8

Download Yxplayer HD for Windows 8

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