Download USB Autorun Virus Protector For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

USB Autorun Virus Protector is a program that requires no installation and is used to “immunize” your flash drive and also your hard drive against the action of malware that hide in the file “Autorun”. These files are common in portable storage devices and may cause some inconvenience when infected.

Many of the viruses that comes to your computer make it through a machine to store data connected to a USB port. This means that portable hard drives, external hard drives or USB sticks can pose threats if you have no assurance of the merits of such equipment.

Simply unzip the downloaded package to access the executable USB Autorun Virus Protector. Then all you need to do is a brief setup for this application to start protecting your drives.

Protected Autorun

USB Autorun Virus Protector can act on two points: the Autorun.inf file and also in the “Recycler” folder, usually created by malware to hide their viruses. This directory, incidentally, is normally hidden in Windows, which creates many problems because you can not see it by default.

Two definitions are to be taken in USB Autorun Virus Protector: Autorun protection and protection of the Recycler. Select the drive for each of them and click on “Activate” for everything to take effect. That done, the safety of their devices and also your machine will be enhanced.


USB Autorun Virus Protector is simple to use and deserves to be light and handy, starting with the fact that no installation. Moreover, its interface is tiny and completely understandable, causing no setback accordingly. When faced with this software, you note that the process is simple and intuitive.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that it works not only with the Autorun, but also with other complicated sector of an infected USB stick. It is a significant enhancement to ensure that your action will be effective to avoid major problems that can harm your computer. It is noteworthy that there is no downside in this small app that works well and is effective.

Download USB Autorun Virus Protector

Download USB Autorun Virus Protector